best criminal defense lawyer agencies in Las Vegas

Top 15 Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Agencies to Choose From

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer agencies to choose from when the need arises.

At one or multiple moments in your life, you’ll need a lawyer to defend you from possible crime allegations or accusations. We can say that’s inevitable, especially since we are surrounded by all sorts of unwarranted eventualities that put us into a vulnerable situation.

It’s a common fact that many people got jailed for being falsely accused, and since they could not make a strong case, they lost their case. That is why it is vital to have reputable lawyers who can present compelling points to protect you from false allegations or attacks.

While you can ask for referrals, it’s always best to visit an agency of lawyers to discover the best options. Thankfully, there are numerous agencies with various types of lawyers who can assist you in your case.

Here are some of the best criminal defense lawyer agencies in Las Vegas:

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1. Las Vegas Defense Group

Las Vegas Defense Group is a criminal defense enterprise that operates various offices across the United States, including one branch in Las Vegas. The enterprise handles felony cases and misdemeanors, self-defense laws, including financial crimes, DUIs, drug offenses and violence, sex crimes, and domestic violence.

The company has on-staff private investigators who assess all areas of the case and create a compelling and multi-faceted defense. In addition, to provide substantial courtroom litigation and assist in negotiating favorable plea deals, the company’s lawyers provide aggressive representation.

2. Spartacus Law Firm

Spartacus Law Firm offers clients Las Vegas and its surrounding counties and communities a solid criminal defense and proposition. The company’s lawyers handle traffic matters such as drivers’ license reinstatements, DWIs, DUIs, and felony cases such as robbery, murder, arson, kidnapping, and domestic violence.

The company also deals with sex crimes, murder, and manslaughter, drug crimes, violent crimes, firearms charges, including white-collar crimes, burglary: theft, casino, and gambling fraud, and disorderly conduct.

3. Alexis Brown Law

Alexis Brown Law is a criminal defense agency that represents customers throughout the greater metropolitan area of Las Vegas and its surrounding communities. It deals with clients who are soon to be charged for felonies, crimes such as minor traffic offenses, misdemeanors, failure to appear in court hearings, and drug possession.

The company assesses file motions and case evidence to dismiss issues based on incomplete and inappropriate evidence collection. In addition, the company seals criminal records, prevents courts from revealing legal documents, and expunge convictions to protect the customers’ reputation.

4. Brian J. Smith Criminal Defense Attorney

Brian J. Smith’s Criminal Defense Attorney serves as defendants to clients charged for felonies and misdemeanors in the surrounding areas of the metropolitan and Las Vegas city itself. Specifically, the company’s team of lawyers deals with clients who are being prosecuted for white-collar crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault, and casino crimes.

The lawyers guide the clients throughout the entire procedures and hearing schedules, including during the initial arrest to the trial. The lawyer then appeals and represents the accused in both federal and state criminal concerns. The Brian J. Smith company received a rating of AV Preeminent from Martindale-Hubbell in 2013 due to its exemplary performance in delivering strong propositions for its clients.

5. De Castroverde Law

De Castroverde Law firm is a family-owned business that also operated general litigation law. It has one branch in Las Vegas, which has been serving the city’s populace for years now. The company’s team of high-caliber lawyers defends clients who are accused of serious felonies such as drunk driving, domestic violence, and drug manufacturing and selling. It also provides defense for disorderly conduct, disturbance of community peace, and other misdemeanors. The firm also accepts cases on matters concerning immigration law and personal injury.

6. Eric Palacios and Associates Law Firm

Eric Palacios and Associates Law firm has provided criminal defense services to the greater metropolitan area of Las Vegas since 2004. To consolidate facts of a given case, the company’s team of top-notch lawyers thoroughly review and assess clients’ charges and push for plea negotiations in trials to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

In addition, they offer assistance to people charged with speeding charges, DUI, and other similar involvement towards minimizing or dropping sanctions, including driving license suspension and high reparation expenses. The company also provides support for workers’ and family’s compensation according to state and local laws.

7. Gabriel L. Grasso

Gabriel L. Grasso is a criminal defense attorney who has provided legal assistance to clients in Las Vegas for more than 30 years. He offers effective support for people involved in severe cases such as domestic violence, drug crimes, casino markers, casino fraud, and sex crimes. The reputable founder of the company is Gabriel L. Grasso, who received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law. He has also offered services to big corporations such as Alcoa Aluminum and Union Carbide.

8. Gallo Law Office

As a criminal law business, Gallo Law Office offers legal services to clients across the Las Vegas metropolitan area. It deals with various misdemeanor and felony cases such as juvenile charges, the cultivation of marijuana and cocaine, harassment, drug trafficking, prostitution and solicitation, domestic violence, and property crimes.

After the arrest and request hearings, the company ensures that the clients are immediately offered bail with the excessive required amounts lessened significantly. James C. Gallo, a famous attorney in Las Vegas, is a Clark County Bar Association associate.

9. Goodman Criminal Lawyer

Goodman Defense is a full-service law company with criminal lawyers who have been providing legal representation and litigation services to the residents of Las Vegas and the neighboring cities.

The company’s primary focus is criminal law, and it takes cases on behalf of clients who are being prosecuted for drunk driving, domestic violence, and drug trafficking. Ross Goodman, who founded the company, received an award from the prestigious National Trial Lawyers and has been ranked among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers due to his exemplary performance and multiple winning cases.

10. Hill Firm

Hill Firm offers a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas and its surrounding communities for those charged with committing crimes. Dan Hill has been offering legal representation for both businesses and individuals who are prosecuted for federal or state criminal charges since 2009. Dan Hill, the company’s founder, has intensive experience in financial crimes and white-collar defense. He can represent clients during pretrial and trial proceedings, those who are under investigation, during plea negotiations, and throughout the appeals procedures. Hill also deals with cases concerning personal injury concerns.

11. Law Office of Darren Weiss, PLLC

The Law Office of Darren Weis PLLC provides civil rights protection to clients throughout the Last Vegas metropolitan area who are involved in criminal cases. It deals with misdemeanor and felony cases such as possession of drug paraphernalia, domestic violence, kidnapping, arson, white-collar crimes, gun crimes, and murder.

Unfortunately, the company frequently gets charges thrown out due to lack of evidence or inappropriate evidence collection. The company’s founder Darren Weiss, a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, has been serving clients for over 20 years.

12. Law Office of Gary A. Modafferi

The Law Office of Gary A. Modafferi protects individuals throughout the Last Vegas metropolitan area charged with criminal cases. It represents their clients who are being prosecuted for their involvement in crimes including murder, fraud, and organized crime cases.

The company challenges evidence taken via illegal search operations, unlawful surveillance, and improper wiretaps. In addition, it maintains the freedom of the client by dealing again with GPS anklet malfunctions, failed drug tests, and alleged violations of probation and parole.

best criminal defense lawyer agencies in Las Vegas

13. Law Office of Joel M. Mann

Founded in 2006, the Law Office of Joel M. Mann provides legal representation to clients from Las Vegas and the surrounding communities of Nevada. The company’s primary focus is sex crimes, drunk driving, drug charges, domestic violence, and casino debts.

The criminal defense lawyers provide legal representation to both clients under investigation and arrest. Clients can contact the company’s founder, Joel M. Mann, via his mobile number during working hours for a free, confidential assessment of their charges.

14. Law Office of Mark Coburn

The Law Office of Mark Coburn protects clients who have been charged for alleged misdemeanor and felony cases in courts throughout Las Vegas. It offers assistance to clients who have been charged for driving under the influence of liquor, solicitation of a prostitute, possession of a controlled substance with the purpose of distribution, and domestic violence.

The company protects client’s reputations by sealing public criminal records. The company’s founder Mark Coburn, a criminal justice lawyer in Las Vegas, is a Clark County Bar Association member.

15. Lawrence C. Hill and Associates

Lawrence C. Hill and Associates is a full-service law company that offers legal representation to residents in the Las Vegas metro. Among the legal cases they handle are white-collar crimes, assault and battery, felony theft, solicitation, larceny, domestic violence, misdemeanors, healthcare and insurance fraud, casino marker crimes, trafficking, burglary, etc. federal and state felonies. The company’s founder, Lawrence C. Hill has been ranked as one of America’s top 100 criminal defense lawyers from 2017 to 2018.

So those are some of the criminal defense lawyer agencies in Las Vegas. Next time you look for credible lawyers to defend you from alleged crimes, consider checking out these firms to have compelling defenses.

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