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Top 15 WooCommerce Plugins For Your Store

In WooCommerce, do you know what can truly set an online store apart? It’s the little things — those extra touches of functionality and finesse that transform a good store into a great one. That’s where WooCommerce plugins come in.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top WooCommerce plugins that can help supercharge your online store and take it to the next level.

1. GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin (CCPA Ready)

Building trust with your website visitors is paramount, and the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin (CCPA Ready) empowers you to achieve just that. This comprehensive plugin simplifies GDPR and CCPA compliance, ensuring transparency in how you use cookies on your WordPress website.

At its core, the plugin allows you to create a fully customizable cookie consent banner that seamlessly integrates with your website’s design. It offers pre-built templates for a quick starting point, along with extensive customization options.  Furthermore, the plugin seamlessly integrates Google Consent Mode v2, making it easier than ever to manage user consent for Google services while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

woocommerce GDPR plugin

The GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin provides an automatic script blocker, preventing third-party cookie scripts from running until the user grants consent. This ensures user privacy and empowers them to control their data.  Additionally, the plugin simplifies the process of creating a cookie policy, offering a template to inform visitors about the cookies used on your website.

For enhanced control, the plugin offers various advanced features. It ensures the banner appears only to visitors from relevant regions and automatically scans your website to identify and categorize cookies. The plugin also keeps a detailed record of user consent choices.

2. Subscriptions for WooCommerce by WP Swings

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin by WP Swings is a must-have plugin for businesses looking to introduce subscription-based products and services to their online store. This plugin is essential for any online store looking to generate steady, predictable revenue streams through regular payments from subscribers.

The Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin offers flexible subscription options. It is compatible with PayPal Standard and supports both Stripe and PayPal gateways.

It includes features like free trial periods, the ability to cancel subscriptions at any time, and automatic updates to order notes in case of failed payments. Additionally, the plugin provides a multistep setup for easy configuration, error logging for subscription issues, and email notifications for subscription renewals.

3. WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin

You can unleash the power of multi-channel commerce with the WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin. This comprehensive tool simplifies product feed creation and management, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce store with popular sales channels like Google Shopping, Facebook/Instagram Shop, and more.

You can effortlessly generate optimized product feeds specifically tailored for each channel.  The plugin ensures compatibility with Google Shopping platforms like Google Merchant Center, Local Inventory Ads, and Promotions. It also simplifies Facebook product catalog integration.

product feed plugin woocommerce

WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin empowers you with granular control over your product feeds. It offers advanced filters and conditions to selectively include or exclude specific products or categories.  You can also schedule automatic updates using server cron. Furthermore, the plugin boasts compatibility with various third-party plugins and offers multilingual and multicurrency support, ensuring your products reach a global audience.

4. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Take your WooCommerce marketing to the next level with Smart Coupons for WooCommerce. This feature-rich plugin empowers you to craft strategic coupon campaigns that drive sales and customer engagement.

This plugin goes beyond simple discounts, allowing you to create a variety of offers like BOGOs, store credits, and gift cards.  You can tailor your promotions with advanced targeting options. It allows you to reward loyal customers with exclusive deals based on purchase history, win back abandoned carts, or incentivize new customers with signup discounts.

Smart Coupons also simplifies campaign management. It allows you to generate hundreds of coupons in bulk with just a few clicks and leverage countdown timers to create a sense of urgency. In short, Smart Coupons equips you with the tools to craft strategic coupon campaigns that drive sales and customer engagement.

5. Yoast SEO

Optimizing your product pages for search engines is essential for driving organic traffic to your online store. Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that helps you optimize your product pages for maximum visibility in search engine results.

With a suite of powerful features, Yoast SEO simplifies the complexities of SEO, making it accessible for all users, from beginners to experts. The plugin offers AI-optimized SEO titles and meta descriptions. It allows you to optimize for up to five keywords per page, enabling you to rank higher for multiple search terms without creating additional content.

yoast woocommerce plugin

Yoast SEO also includes automatic redirects to ensure that old or renamed pages seamlessly redirect to new URLs. This prevents broken links and 404 errors. The plugin offers real-time suggestions for internal links. Furthermore, you can preview how your page will appear on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter/X.

With 24/7 support available, including evenings and weekends, Yoast SEO ensures you have the help you need whenever you need it.

6. WooCommerce Product Recommendations

The WooCommerce Product Recommendations plugin analyzes customer behavior and product data to suggest relevant items, boosting average order value.  It offers a variety of filters to determine which products are recommended, including “Related Products,” “Bestsellers,” or “Recently Viewed.”  These recommendations can be strategically displayed throughout your store – on product pages, the shopping cart, checkout, or even order confirmation pages.

The plugin offers pre-built templates for popular suggestions. It also offers advanced filters.  You can either display recommendations in a grid or slider format, and customize the number of products shown, title color, and more.

The plugin even automatically hides out-of-stock products, ensuring a seamless customer experience. In short, WooCommerce Product Recommendations equips you with everything you need to personalize the shopping experience and drive sales for your WooCommerce store.

7. Bookings for WooCommerce

If your business offers services or appointments, managing bookings and reservations can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, with Bookings for WooCommerce, you can simplify the booking process and manage appointments with ease.

The WooCommerce Booking & Appointments plugin transforms your online store into a fully functional booking system, perfect for businesses offering services like gyms, salons, or consultations. This plugin allows you to easily manage appointments, set availability, and handle booking confirmations and cancellations.

With features like projected availability timelines, advanced booking filters, and easy access to booking links, managing your bookings is straightforward. Customers can book time slots, and you can toggle between single and dual calendar views to suit your needs. The plugin also supports Google Calendar integration.

It offers a responsive interface. Additionally, the plugin includes a dedicated My Bookings tab for easy management and the option to disable the “Book Now” button until dates are selected.

8. WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin

Take control of your WooCommerce store’s invoices, packing slips, and credit notes with the WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin. This powerful tool simplifies order documentation, saving you time and ensuring a professional presentation.

The plugin automates PDF generation for all your essential documents.  Invoices, packing slips, and credit notes are created automatically for each order, and can be easily attached to the corresponding emails.  For added convenience, it offers pre-built customizable templates.

The plugin offers both visual and code editors for in-depth customization of every element and field within your documents. You can even integrate VAT, GST, ABN, and other tax details seamlessly, ensuring accurate invoicing.

Furthermore, the WooCommerce PDF Invoices Plugin empowers you to add custom fields for payment information, logos, or tracking details, providing a comprehensive overview for your customers.  It also provides the option to offer a “pay later” option directly on invoices. Finally, the plugin generates invoices for orders placed before installing the plugin and even creates invoices for free orders.

9. Super Socializer

Simplifying the social login process is essential for reducing friction and improving the user experience on your online store. Super Socializer is an all-in-one plugin that integrates social login, social share, and social comments into your WooCommerce store effortlessly. It supports over 100 social networks, making it easy for users to share content, log in, and leave comments using their social media accounts.

Key features include compatibility with GDPR compliance and integration with the Gutenberg editor. Users can log in with 27 social networks, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and share content with customizable icons. The plugin also supports social media follow icons, share counts, and URL shortening.

Super Socializer offers flexible display options for sharing icons, including horizontal and vertical layouts, and allows for detailed customization of icon size, shape, and colors. You can enable social login at various points on your site, sync user profiles with WordPress and WooCommerce, and even use social profile avatars as user profile pictures. The plugin also provides widgets and shortcodes for easy integration and offers 24/7 customer support.

10. Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Implementing dynamic pricing strategies is essential for staying competitive and maximizing revenue. The Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce is a user-friendly plugin that lets you create a variety of discounts, such as bulk discounts, percentage category discounts, smart coupons, storewide offers, auto-applied coupons, and more. It’s perfect for both beginners and professional users.

woocommerce plugin

The plugin allows you to offer category discounts, percentage discounts, bulk pricing (e.g., buy more, save more), and product-based discounts. You can also schedule discounts, create cart offers, and set cart total-based offers . The plugin allows for the exclusion of selected products from rules, setting date-based rules, and displaying quantity tables on product pages.

Additionally, you can offer free shipping based on cart total conditions, set shipping methods based on various criteria, and use shortcodes for quantity-based or bulk pricing tables. This plugin is a versatile tool for any WooCommerce store looking to implement dynamic pricing and discount strategies.

11. MailPoet

Communicating with your customers effectively is crucial for building relationships and driving repeat business. MailPoet is an all-in-one email marketing solution that lets you create, send, and manage email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard. With seamless integration, you can design beautiful emails using responsive templates that look great on all devices.

MailPoet allows you to schedule newsletters, send them immediately, or automate new blog post notifications with just a few clicks. It offers a free plan to get started and scalable paid plans for advanced features, making it suitable for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Key features of the plugin include creating and adding newsletter subscription forms to your website, managing subscribers, and building and sending newsletters. You can set up automated emails for new posts and welcome messages, and segment subscribers based on behavior and interests. MailPoet also offers customizable WooCommerce emails for abandoned carts, first purchases, and specific products or categories.

12. Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Implementing a loyalty program is a great way to incentivize repeat purchases and reward your most loyal customers. The Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful tool for managing customer loyalty and boosting engagement. By offering points for activities like sign-ups, purchases, and referrals, this plugin helps increase sales, ROI, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value.

Customers can redeem points to buy products or participate in membership programs, making your store more attractive. Key features of the plugin include earning points through specific payment methods, user restrictions, dynamic account page UI, and unique user badges. Gamification features like a spin-to-win wheel add fun to the shopping experience.

You can also restrict reward points on purchases made with redeemed points, assign points to past orders, and set order-based rewards. Customers can earn points for actions such as sign-ups and referrals and redeem them on the cart or checkout page. The plugin also supports creating membership systems for exclusive offers and discounts.

13. Product Reviews for WooCommerce

Encouraging customers to leave reviews is essential for building trust and credibility for your online store. helps WooCommerce store owners collect and display star ratings and reviews, enhancing social proof and boosting conversion rates. This plugin allows you to gather reviews on autopilot with unlimited review requests that can be scheduled after fulfillment or delivery.

You can customize email templates or use the pre-designed ones to ask customers for reviews and send automatic reminders. Additionally, you can incentivize reviews with static or dynamic coupons and manage blacklists to disable requests for specific products or customers.

Users can provide high-quality content, such as photo and video reviews, which can be easily requested via email. You can also enable a Q&A section on product pages to address customer queries and build an FAQ. The plugin ensures that all reviews are mobile-optimized and maintains the shop’s branding by using your theme’s fonts, styles, and colors.

For boosting organic traffic, provides automatic rich snippets for Google Search and integration with social media platforms for sharing reviews.

14. Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Offering flexible shipping options is essential for meeting the diverse needs of your customers and optimizing your shipping process for maximum efficiency. The Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce (AST) is a powerful plugin that simplifies the entire process, allowing you to manage order statuses more effectively and keep your customers informed every step of the way.

AST offers a suite of features designed to optimize your workflow. This plugin renames the “Completed” order status to a clearer “Shipped” label for improved clarity, and enables a custom “Partially Shipped” status for multi-package orders. With a click, you can add tracking information to orders, even for those with multiple tracking numbers.

shipment tracking woocommerce plugin

The plugin also integrates seamlessly with over 300 shipping providers, providing predefined tracking links that take customers directly to their shipment’s status page. AST goes even further by offering an API for updating tracking numbers generated by external services and facilitating order fulfillment from external systems.

15. WooCommerce Checkout Manager by WP Desk

Wouldn’t it be ideal to provide a smooth and efficient checkout process for your WooCommerce store?  While WooCommerce is a fantastic platform, it can lack some essential customization options for checkout fields.  This is where WooCommerce Checkout Manager by WP Desk steps in, offering a user-friendly interface to transform your checkout experience.

This plugin empowers you to take complete control, optimizing the checkout flow for your customers. WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to add entirely new custom fields, ensuring you capture all the information vital for your business.  Whether it’s a simple text field, a date picker for scheduling deliveries, or even a color picker for product customization, the possibilities are vast.

Furthermore, the plugin integrates seamlessly with VAT ID number collection and phone number validation, simplifying essential tasks.  In essence, WooCommerce Checkout Manager empowers you to create an easy checkout experience that removes friction and delights your customers.


These top WooCommerce plugins offer powerful features and functionality that can help take your online store to the next level. Whether you’re looking to optimize your store for search engines, offer subscription-based products, or create personalized shopping experiences for your customers, there’s a plugin for every need.

By leveraging the power of these plugins, you can enhance the functionality and performance of your WooCommerce store and drive more sales and revenue for your business.

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