5 Ways to Show Delivery Drivers Your Appreciation

Delivery drivers have always had a challenging job, but it has been made more challenging in recent years. Not only are more people ordering more things online, but during the pandemic, making deliveries can be dangerous.

Whether you’re ordering boxes from Amazon or you’re ordering pizza, your life would be a lot more difficult without your local delivery drivers. Let them know you appreciate their commitment to their job. You could really make their day.


1. Give Them a Break on the Road

When you think of showing delivery drivers some love, you’re likely to think of some of the other things on this list first. However, one of the best ways you can show your appreciation is to be kinder to drivers when you’re on the road.

First, try not to lose your temper. Trucks can’t accelerate like smaller vehicles, and steering one can be difficult, even if they are properly trained. Give delivery drivers some space and be respectful when you do have to pass a truck.

It’s even more important to drive safely because you could be putting the driver and yourself in danger. Over 100,000 car accidents involve large trucks every year, many of which are caused by a car driving in a blind spot or driving poorly around the truck. Slow down and give them plenty of space and you’ll make their job a lot easier.

2. Leave Them a Treat

Delivery drivers make multiple stops each and every day. Most of the time, they drop off a package and they’re on their way, which means it’s easy for drivers to feel underappreciated. You can change all that by leaving treats for your drivers!

Doing it during the holiday season is wonderful, but don’t think it has to be Christmas in order to show your delivery drivers that you care. You can leave treats out any time of the year! A few snacks that will be appreciated include:

  • Single serving bags of chips
  • Bottled pop and water
  • Full-size candy bars
  • Homemade baked goods

3. Give Them a Tip

There are a surprising number of service professionals who expect a tip, so it’s easy to overlook the ones who don’t expect a tip, but they are also the ones who are likely to appreciate it the most!

Food delivery professionals expect a tip, but drivers who deliver packages don’t. Treats are great, but if you really want to show your delivery person some love, leave them some money when they deliver an important package. Simply leave an envelope that is addressed to the delivery driver wherever they normally leave your packages. Gift cards are a great option too!

Worried about leaving money outside all day? Leave a note asking them to knock on the door and you can hand them their tip yourself. You can also ask the driver or their company how you can send tips electronically, which is more convenient and more sanitary.

4. Write Them a Letter

Letter writing is a dying art, but it is a very powerful way to communicate. Reading a heartfelt message always feels more meaningful than simply hearing how someone feels, and it can feel more meaningful to your drivers than grabbing a snack every time they stop by your house.


Not sure what to say? The more personal you can be, the better. Let them know what items they deliver that make your life easier, or how helpful it is that you don’t have to leave the house to get groceries or go shopping for clothes.

5. Say Hi

There are a lot of things delivery drivers want you to know, some of which are good, and some are which are bad. One of the simplest is to say hi!

Most driver frequent the same neighborhoods, and yet, they know nothing about the people who live there. Say hi the next time you see a driver getting out of the truck or wave from the window when they leave something on your doorstep. A simple hi is all it takes! There’s no need to hold them up with a lengthy conversation.

Another benefit of being friendly with your delivery drivers is the fact that you can easily tell them where you would like packages to be dropped off, and they are more likely to treat your package with care if they know who they are delivering to!

Delivery drivers make our economy go round, and they make our lives easier! Show them how much you appreciate their work with the tips on this list.

Salman Zafar

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