An Artist’s Guide to Spotify

One of the most used and known music streaming apps in the world is Spotify. Now when it comes to Spotify, the reason this app stands out is because of the wide variety of songs that it has from all around the world. Every artist wants their music on Spotify and other streaming platforms. More importantly, Spotify has users from everywhere in the world. This leads to any artist’s growth who has a huge following on Spotify. Not only music but even podcasts and playlists are also of huge importance.

Now having a following on Spotify cannot be done overnight, you’re going to have to put in a huge amount of work. This has been made easier now that you have the option to buy what you need on your account.

For example, if you want more followers on your Spotify playlist, you now have the option to buy Spotify playlist followers which will help you get more followers on your playlist.


Things to keep in mind when using Spotify as an Artist

  • Being an artist on Spotify, you would want more followers, listeners and plays on your songs. The more the plays on your songs, the more are your listeners and this can help you grow and get a lot of exposure. Some of the simple factors that can help you as an artist are to be original and different. People want to listen to music they haven’t heard before and this is where you can contribute. Putting out different music can help you in getting more followers and plays on your songs.
  • Once your music is out, what are the ways which can help this track to be discovered by people around the world? Promoting your music can be tricky and you have to keep at the job. Sharing your music will help you get more exposure. You could also release the album art of your song a week before the official release of the song and ask people to “pre-save” your song. Social Media can really help you in getting more listeners and plays on your songs. Make sure that you pitch your song to Spotify since you could be featured in the editorial playlists. The main reason artists pitch their songs to get featured in editorial playlists is because these playlists have thousands of likes and followers which could one way or another come across your song.
  • Getting featured on Music blogs can also help an artist gain more exposure. Music blogs have become extremely popular lately such as the Rolling Stone that has been there since the 60s. When reaching out to music bloggers, explain what the track means to you and what the track is about. Now you may not get a reply immediately but keep working hard and you will get a discovery. One of the best ways to be discovered by newer people is to get featured on music blogs. Now that you also have the option to buy Spotify followers or plays from websites like SpotifyStorm, your growth can go up by a notch.

Working hard towards being a popular artist on Spotify can be supported by these factors and your growth can go up by a significant number.

Salman Zafar

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