6 Best Gifts for That Special Lady In Your Life

Believe it or not, your girl expects something from you but is shy to tell you what she wants because it might make you think she is materialistic or a gold-digger. But if this girl has a spot close to your heart, you might want to ask her or recognize her clues of the things she wanted to receive on your special occasions like Valentine’s day, monthsary, anniversary, Christmas Day, and most importantly, her birthday. You can pair them u with the gifts and maybe some cute one month anniversary wishes quotes, birthday quotes on a card.

However, if your girl still refuses to tell you what she wants as a present and she rarely gives clues, you might want to consider getting something that will surely make her special and loved. There are so many gift choices for that special lady in your life and below, you will know some things she wants to have.

1. Luxury Watch

Women see watches not only as a timepiece but also as an accessory. It will surely make her feel valued since luxurious watches, for instance, made of gold or diamond, double or triple their value through time. This is something that she will keep and take care of at all times.

If you’re stumbling upon watch shops, make sure to check these quintessential brands: Cartier and the classic Rolex Lady Datejust which showcases a wide range of women’s luxury watches. It is an excellent choice since Lady Datejust comes with a variety of materials, sizes, and designs that will suit your girl’s taste.


2. Promise Ring

Promises are sweet, but it is sweeter when it comes with a ring. Words are something that your girl cannot remember all the time, especially at times of quarrel. So, it is important to give her something she can look unto to remind her of your sweet promises. This can also be a symbol of your infinite commitment to each other, just like how circle rings are edgeless.

There are lots of styles ranges a promise ring offers but always remember to choose the one that represents your girl’s style or your love story. Most importantly, make sure that it fits her ring size, or else, she might think that the ring is for another girl and not for her. You do not want that to happen.


If you’re searching for a luxurious ring shop, Cartier, De Beers, and Tiffany & Co. will make your girl swoon at that very moment when you pulled out that ring.

3. Necklace

If you noticed she is fond of wearing off-shoulder tops or might as well tube top, or a strapless bandeau, giving her a necklace to compliment her beauty and style will make her flatter. This is wonderful, especially if she likes her collar bone a lot.

In terms of what style, design, and type of necklace to buy, it is also best to fit her personality. If she’s the one who likes to treasure your moments together a lot, try to consider buying her a locket necklace. You can put a tiny photo of yours together, and this little amulet will serve as her little memory of you. A pendant necklace is also a good choice.

4. Earrings

You adore your girl, right? Of Course, you do, that is why you are here and trying to find an awesome gift for her. Historically, earrings are worn by people to show either power, beauty, or wealth. The more earrings attached to their body, the more respected they are.

So to complete your girl’s set of jewelry, go buy some pair of earrings for her. Earrings made of diamonds, gold, or silver is the top pick. Aside from making her feel prettier, it will also enhance her look and appeal. Expect that after she wears those earrings, she will instantaneously feel more confident in herself. Go and make her feel adored and respected.

5. Skin essentials

Is there a time when your girl seems very conscious of how she looks? She may tell you repeatedly that she’s ugly or her pimples, wrinkles, scars, skin, or anything in her body disgusting? Those are clues! And your girl probably wants you to buy her skin essentials to pamper her.

In these cases, try treating her to a salon or buy her abundant skin moisturizers, lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, skin exfoliators, or whatever you feel like she’s been thinking of buying the whole time for herself. If you buy her those, she will feel loved, cared for, and spoiled. Always treat your girl right!

6. Cozy Date

After giving your girlfriend some sort of luxurious jewelry, treating her to the spa, or spoiling her with skin essentials, it is time for you to take her on a cozy dinner date! Yes, you read it right. It may sound too romantic but girls dream of having a silent, romantic, and cozy dinner date with the man of their lives with classical music on, candles on the table, and rose petals on the floor. Make her believe that romantic guys also exist in real life and not only in movies. She will forever remember this night.



Receiving gifts makes people happy, so it is important to know what gift she wants as a present. Give her something special that always matches her personality. Women are not measured with expensive gifts or dates, but once they receive or experience one, they will surely treasure it. Recognize her clues, ask her once in a while, give her anything under the sun, and make her feel special.

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