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The Budget-Friendly Employee Gift Guide

Hardworking and good employees are the asset of an organization. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the employer to acknowledge the dedication of its team. One of the best options to recognize the contributions of employees, increase job satisfaction, and reduce the employee turnover rate is to reward the employees with gifts. If you are looking to make a big impact for employees on a budget, this article is here to give you some budget-friendly corporate gift ideas.

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1. Coffee Mug Warmer

As a company gift to an employee, you may find great gifts, and you look for the items that the employee could use in a regular routine. If you see your employee is a coffee lover, a coffee mug warmer is a great eco-friendly gift. It is an inexpensive gift that could also have a great impact on employees. They can hold the mug with them in meetings and presentations to keep their coffee warm for a long time. The mug can be charged with any near plug point.

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2. Thermos Bottles

Whether it is about the winter mornings or summers, thermos bottles are a must for everyone. It is a wonderful gift for employees when they leave for the job site. There are various drinkware companies with which you can make agreements for a huge number of bottles. The package would be on budget for you. YETI drinkware is one common company for thermos bottles to keep your drinks cool and hot for a long time.

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3. Cookie Gift Basket

Everyone loves cookies. A cookie gift basket is the best choice to make the day of an employee a special one. Especially when it comes to greeting your employee for a work anniversary or birthday, etc. a cookie gift basket is an on-budget gift idea. This pack contains different cookies with toppings of white and dark chocolate, craisins, and chocolate chips. Also, these are fresh cookies that taste even better. Consider this as a gift for employees.

4. Bamboo Charging Dock

It is a must-have gadget for employees nowadays. A bamboo charging dock is stylish yet functional as it allows the user to charge six gadgets at a time. It is compatible with the USB device as well. So the employees and project managers that used to take so many meetings every day and often have charging issues, bamboo charging dock is the best gift choice.

5. Flameless Candle

It is a perfect gift that is on budget and advance. This flameless candle is an amazing addition to the desk of employees. This is a non-hazardous candle with a remote. You can turn it on and off from the remote that comes with it and employees can take it home as well. If you are planning to make employee kits, this is a must item to be in it.

6. Lunch Box

It is the best gift for employees who bring their lunch to the office. The bamboo lunch box is sustainable and is made from 50 percent bamboo material. It looks very classy and comes at a very low cost. Its usage however is big for the employees. The container also has spoons and forks made of bamboo. There are online stores where you can buy this or you can also place a big order.

corporate gift ideas

7. Headphones

Headphones are used by everyone at the office. So it could be a choice to buy as a gift for your employees. There are various options available for noise-isolating headphones that are of high quality and also tend to serve the purpose of a gift to employees. Look for some popular yet useful earbuds for your employees so that they can concentrate on work.

Bottom Line

All these mentioned gift ideas for employees are to depict your care and appreciation towards your employees. These ideas are highly on a budget so you can put a great impact on employees with these amazing gifts. Find which one suits your expectations when you are looking for budget-friendly gifts.

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