tips for caring for your engagement ring

Top Tips On Caring For Your Engagement Ring

It goes without saying that your engagement ring is a priceless piece of jewellery. But whether you’re most concerned about replacement costs or sentimental value, it’s vital that you do your research and find out the best way to look after your ring properly.

We’ve got some top tips on caring for your engagement ring, so it’ll last through all the amazing adventures in your marriage.

caring for engagement ring

Ensuring Quality

Initially, you should always shop for high-quality diamond rings to ensure authenticity and long-lasting quality. When you buy diamonds online, you should pay attention to the quality of diamond photography. The presence of professional jewelry photos is a significant indicator of a trustworthy jeweler. As well as shopping with reputable online diamond retailers, whilst browsing in-store you can perform some simple checks yourself to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

  • Try holding it up to the light: if the diamond sparkles in faint shades of grey, it’s probably real due to the way a natural diamond refracts light. If it sparkles in bright multicolours, it could be an imitation gem, such as cubic zirconia.
  • Or, try breathing on the diamond in your ring. If your breath visibly catches and takes a few seconds to dissipate, it’s unlikely to be a genuine diamond due to a diamond’s natural heat-conducting properties.

If you’re still unsure, you can have a professional assess it as they can perform more in-depth tests with specialist tools.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A freshly cleaned mens diamond ring can sparkle like new and ensure the quality is maintained, even after you’ve celebrated your silver anniversary!

A dirty engagement ring can slowly but surely lose its shine due to layers of oil and grime that can build up on the surface of the gem and band. This is caused by wearing the ring whilst performing everyday activities, so you should aim to clean your ring weekly or fortnightly.

Be sure that you avoid using harsh chemicals or tools to clean your ring at home, as it can scratch the metal or make the gems come loose. A simple mix of warm water and washing up liquid does the job. Try popping the ring in the solution for half an hour and then gently scrub the ring with a soft toothbrush and then rinsing after to get rid of any lingering debris.

Ideally, if you’re looking to maintain its quality and shine, you should get your ring cleaned professionally twice a year. As part of this, have the prongs around the diamond tightened for peace of mind that the gem is still steady in its setting.


For that extra peace of mind, insurance for your ring can often be added to your home insurance as additional cover. However, the ring is usually only covered when damaged, lost or stolen from the property or premises. Getting specialist ring insurance will cover your ring whilst you’re out and about.

When confirming ring insurance, you need to make sure that the appraisal value of your ring is up to date, as your cover could be reduced if it hasn’t been valued recently. This sadly may lead to a loss if you ever have to claim.

tips for caring for your engagement ring

Remove your ring for certain tasks

It’s important to remove your ring when doing heavy-handed or chemical-based tasks. Even something as simple as washing the dishes can lead to erosion over time. That said, try to avoid removing your ring in public as it’s not uncommon for people to leave their beautiful diamond rings in public toilets or dressing rooms! Make sure you always know exactly where you ring is by keeping ring holders around the house or in your bag.

Your engagement ring is not only an investment, but a great reminder of the special bond you have with your partner. With both monetary and sentimental value, it’d be good to take on some of our tips and make sure your ring is always protected and in tip-top shape!

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