storage solutions for the laundry room

Closet Storage Systems Aren’t Just For The Bedroom

When most people think of closet storage systems, they think immediately of their bedroom clothing storage. However, there are so many different closet storage systems available to tidy up the appearance of your home and lend organization to your belongings. Mudrooms, entry ways, and laundry rooms can always use more organized storage space to alleviate the clutter.

There is no reason why doing laundry shouldn’t be more enjoyable, and keeping the laundry facility cleaner and more organized will go a long way toward making that happen. You’ll be able to organize every detergent and stack of mismatched socks with the help of some of these storage solutions for the laundry room, and you might even find that you like using it more often.

Space Can Be Made More Open by Open Shelves

Shelving is a technique to use overhead or vertical space both storage and organizing in a laundry facility and may be placed wherever. Detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry supplies may all be kept inaccessible but still conveniently accessible.

This is a quick and simple approach to get organized, whether you add new shelves or make use of an old bookshelf. Custom shelving is all the rage, and for good reason.

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Place everything where you want it every time with custom storage systems. The Designer Closet Guys can help you devise a custom shelving system for your laundry room that organizes your entire space.

Buy Plenty of Baskets

Storage bins are simple to locate in the neighborhood craft shop. They can then be uniformly organized by being lined up on shelves, bookshelves, or even storage cubbies. It could be a good idea to identify each basket if you’re using more than one so that anyone can quickly find what they need.

Use them to arrange things like dryer sheets, stain remover, laundry pods, and other miscellaneous products that could otherwise wind up in a disorganized location or container.

Use the Cabinet Tops as Storage

It’s usually helpful to look upwards and utilize the highest part of any cupboards in that area for storage if the laundry facility is confined to a limited space in the house. Clean towels or other items might be kept in the vertical area above the cupboards above the washer, for example.

Hook Up With Hooks

Hooks may be quite useful in a laundry area for all kinds of organizing and storage purposes, whether they are used as a place to hang dry clothing or as a place to hang towels or robes. Any type of hook, from functional to flamboyant, may be simply purchased at a hardware shop and quickly installed, providing a room for immediate organizing possibilities.

Find Solace in a Few Cubby Holes

Cubby holes are frequently used in classrooms to store jackets, hats, and weather gear. The similar idea may be used within the home laundry facility to house the kids’ bags, jackets, and other items that need to be carefully hidden out of the way but yet be accessible when required.

Examine Wall Rods

Placing one long rod might utilize vertical space similarly if there isn’t enough place for displaying hooks or shelving on the wall. You may hang anything from clothing drying on the line to an extra sweater or robe you keep around for when you need it from the rods.

The rod may be adjusted to fit the needs of the region while taking up very little space.

Slider Doors May Be Used to Expand the Room

Doors are an effective approach to conceal a space where many supplies are kept. Sliding doors might be the ideal solution if there isn’t enough area for the door to glide open and shut or if you would like to make the most of the valuable storage space in that area. You’ll be able to separate your laundry room from the rest of your house without sacrificing any essential room.

Take on a Custom Shelf Unit

Open shelves are usually useful, but there may not be enough room for them to fit onto the wall, and ceiling-mounted shelves sometimes have an unattractive appearance. With a custom shelf unit ( that can be built in and makes use of whichever corner space is available, you may have storage that utilizes the entire wall.

Similar to open shelves, this laundry facility storage solution has the advantage of being built the way you need it and can be hidden away if needed.

Hang Things From a Shelf Mounted to the Wall

A shelf featuring built-in pegs uses surface area to keep things off the floor, serving as a place to hang fresh paper towels or a couple of cleaning supplies storage caddies. This type of multipurpose shelving is ideal for storage in any place that requires organizing since it is affordable, easy to put up, and the available space can be readily increased.

The best part is that these provide the ideal locations for those sporadic objects that merely appear on the flooring and must be placed somewhere accessible until they are required again.

Your Washer and Machine Dryer Can Be Hidden Under Cabinets

Although cabinets are useful for storing the washing machine and dryer, they serve much more than that. Any custom cabinets you build around or into which you fit the dryer and washing machine will serve as a soundproofing measure as well as a place to keep laundry supplies as well as additional household things.

storage solutions for the laundry room

Change the Color of the Laundry Hamper

More than just maintaining a vibrant and colorful environment is the goal of having washing hampers in different colors and designs. This method of sorting your dirty clothing is simple enough for children to comprehend. Click here for more on the importance of dirty clothing storage. It is additionally a fantastic learning opportunity, one that can even inspire children to pitch in with the washing.

Consider a Folding Ironing Board

An ironing mat and board is obviously a necessary component of any laundry regimen, but since it also doubles as a foldable table, there is no need for an independent surface. Purchase an iron or folding option that can be folded away to save space when not in use.

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