Laundry Habits and Dating Life: What Do They Say?

Are you the type of person for whom attending to the laundry is a necessary but somewhat unfulfilling chore? Do your daily cast-offs from a pile in the basket, or worse still, an unruly clutter in the corner of your bedroom? Here’s a note of caution. An unhealthy attitude to your laundry can also give any potential partner the impression that you’re a bit of a slob and certainly not ideal relationship material! Let’s take a closer look into how your habits can impact your dating life.

1. Dating sites help to find the same connoisseur of purity

Do you identify the following? Your wardrobe is always refreshed, your clothes washed and dried regularly, then deposited in the correct place afterward. Do you keep abreast of the latest style developments, ensuring you always wear up-to-date fashions? If the answer is ‘yes’ to these, how would you meet someone on the same wavelength? The answer is straightforward. Refer to the best site for one-night stands, as these digital outlets are the perfect venue for coming across kindred spirits. After signing up for one of these resources, you can spend some time browsing through the profile pages of other singles. Keep an eye out for anyone who has stated ‘good laundry habits’ are a priority. You can reach out with a ‘wink’ that will let them know someone is eager to get to know them better.


2. The person who sniffs tests clothes to determine whether it’s time to do the laundry are adventurous and looking for something casual

Does this sound a little far-fetched? It’s anything but! Picture these alternative scenarios. First of all, someone glances at the laundry basket now and again. When it seems like it’s starting to overflow, they decide to do something about it. They grab a bundle of dirty clothes, bundle them into the washing machine, and set the appropriate controls. Once the cycle is finished, everything is put away without giving the whole process much attention. They’re going through the motions.

Now, how about this vision? A person pays close attention to the state of their laundry, never just strolling by the laundry basket. They take an active interest in what’s going on inside there! More than that, they’ll take the time to stop whatever they’re doing, then go in from some closer observation. This may well involve grasping some of the said items and inspecting their surfaces for particular stains that might require specialized attention. They’ll even use their sense of smell to determine exactly how long this piece of clothing has been languishing there, waiting to be attended to.

What do these two pictures tell you about the subjects? If this isn’t too obvious, allow us to elaborate. The person to whom laundry is just one of numerous household chores is a classic example of normality. Synonyms: average. Predictable. Unadventurous. But in the second illustration, what we have is a much more dynamic person. This is the type of dating site user who will be passionate about life and always keen to make a positive and lasting impression on the other singles they come into contact with.

3. The person who divides by color and type is an attentive lover

Does anyone who would take the trouble to sort everything according to color, type, or how delicate a garment might be, sound a little obsessive? On the contrary. What this demonstrates is fine attention to detail. Extrapolate this from the laundry room to the bedroom. If a prospective partner gives this level of care to pre-planning their washing requirements, imagine how they are likely to behave when their remit switches to pleasing you? You can bet your bottom dollar their performance won’t be a quick spin. Instead, they are more likely to be extremely attentive – the equivalent of a two-hour cycle! They will be eager to please and will keep up the communication throughout, asking you if what they’re doing is providing sensual delight!


4. Using the right conditioner

There’s more to a successful laundry than just piling everything into the machine and then pressing the ‘start’ button. How about conditioners? Fabric softeners? Scented crystals? All of these are an indication that this individual loves to go the extra mile. When they’re rocking up to a date, they’ll be immaculately groomed and scented with sensual perfumes or aftershave.

Reaching the position where you are not only on top of your laundry but actively maintaining a clean, healthy home can say so much about you. This should be a source of pride, and this should be affirmed frequently, either by paying attention to inspiring quotes on the subject or simply striving to keep up this noteworthy habit. Running an efficient ship could point the way to a successful relationship.

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