Tips for Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

10 Tips for Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

People prefer getting divorced without a lawyer for different reasons. But mainly, a DIY divorce will be a cheaper and faster option to terminate your marriage. Still, there is always a fear that if you go through the divorce without legal assistance, something will go wrong, and you will lose your assets, custody rights, or any other benefits.

The truth is that getting a lawyer-free divorce is not always a failure, providing that your case qualifies for the option and you prepare well in advance and put in decent efforts in the process but getting into contact with Denver divorce attorneys at Hogan Omidi is what we suggest as it makes process easier and simpler. Review the DIY divorce tips and get the use of them to put an end to your marriage without a lawyer and extra efforts successfully.

1. Make the Right Choice

The primary thing to realize is that divorce without a lawyer is not a perfect choice for everyone. You can only opt for it in the following cases:

  • Both partners are willing to finalize the marriage;
  • You have already or can quickly come to terms with the divorce-related issues;
  • You don’t have any big assets and debts to divide;
  • You don’t have kids, or you share the co-parenting visions with your spouse and are ready to participate;
  • You don’t need any financial support from each other.

On the contrary, if you are in an abusive relationship, scared about your kids’ safety, cannot come to terms with the rights and responsibilities distribution, or your spouse has already got an attorney, you should better cooperate with the lawyer. Otherwise, your independent actions can lead to an even worse situation than you initially had, and your divorce will take more money and time in the end.

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2. Settle Down the Details

If you are sure that your couple qualifies for the divorce without an attorney, start preparation as soon as possible. Handle the discussions with your spouse on every detail concerning your upcoming split. Discuss custody, visitation, debts, and assets distribution, and any other relevant issues.

No matter how well you trust each other, oral discussions are not enough and bear no legal power. So whatever you come to terms about is needed to be noted down. Get equipped with legal forms and fill them out together once you make any divorce decision. So that when the time comes, you have everything written and signed as proof of your mutual agreement.

3. Opt for Amicable Divorce

Your DIY divorce won’t work if you are not ready to terminate your marriage amicably. An uncontested divorce will be easier to handle and bring better outcomes in the end.

You have to stick to friendly relationships so that you can come to decisions beneficial for both sides. Be sympathetic, understanding, and supportive for your spouse in the divorce and expect them to do the same. Work as a team for one last time, and you will be able to end your marriage without a lawyer successfully.

4. Stick to Your Priorities

If you want to get your marriage to the end without the lawyer’s help, it is necessary to understand that you cannot win everything you crave for in the divorce process. Sensible negotiation will be the key to your success. Your task is to single out your priorities and stick to them while you can be compliant regarding other issues. Still, try not to show that you are eager to win any point, or your partner can use it against you.

5. Create a Divorce Settlement Agreement

Don’t waste time after you get on terms on any relevant points and officially document everything. Discover how to write a divorce settlement agreement and fill it out along with taking mutually beneficial decisions about your marriage and divorce. Get the forms at the local clerk’s office or reliable divorce platform and note your agreements down gradually.

So that when you come to the divorce process itself, you will have all the papers ready to be approved and signed by the judge—this way, a fast and comfortable marriage termination is guaranteed to you.

6. Prepare the Docs

Along with the mandatory divorce forms, you can gather general docs to add to your divorce case. Make copies of your personal data papers, divorce, and marriage-related docs, and so on. You can find lists of required docs on any divorce platforms or in the local family law offices. This way, you will save your time and money and get fully prepared for the process in advance.

7. Find the Helpful Platform

DIY divorce doesn’t mean that you don’t need any help at all. You can use online divorce help for your benefit. This is where you can get the necessary forms, fill them out following the instructions, get assisted by qualified specialists 24/7, advance from the divorce blogs and guides. Just care to choose a reliable website to get qualitative services and avoid scams.

Tips for Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer

8. Go to County’s Clerk

Another free source of legal help you can get the use of is the clerk’s office of your county. There you can find out how to file for divorce without a lawyer, where to get the papers, how to do the legislative research, and more. Mind that you will only get referred where to get the necessary information and professional assistance. Still, the local clerk is not to give you any specific advice on your case.

9. Consult Other Professionals

Even if you opt for getting divorced without a lawyer, it doesn’t mean you cannot use the services of other professionals. Cooperate with the arbitrator, mediator, relationship coach to get you and your spouse directed through the divorce and solve any relevant issues beneficially.

10. Care about Yourself

When you do the divorce on your own, you undergo multiplied stress and tension comparing to an average divorcee with a lawyer. That is why in a self-divorce, it is essential to find time for yourself to regain powers and heal your wounds so that you can reach happiness in the end.

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