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Expanding Comfort – Creative Ideas for Designing Room Additions

Home additions are a great way of having a fresh start at home and changing the vibes of the place from time to time. They can be a bit expensive, but you can truly take advantage of them if you come up with creative ideas on how to use your house space. That’s why finding a reliable room additions contractor in Concord, CA is essential for bringing a breath of fresh air into your home decor.

Whether you want more space for your kitchen, an addition to your bathroom, or a new studio connected to your bedroom, this page is for you. Here, we will explore a few creative ideas for remodeling your house with a home addition. Naturally, these are just general ideas, so you can and should adapt them to your taste and what you want to use that space for.

Regardless of the kind of home addition you want in your kitchen or room, you need to work with someone who helps you make a practical and appealing design. We recommend getting architects, designers, and remodeling contractors on the project team.

Guide to Remodel Your Kitchen

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1. Add a Sunroom or Conservatory

When you make a home renovation, you need to think about the things you have in your house and the things you need. What would turn a small room into a great room? The answer is where you should start. If you are looking to add a place that lets more sunlight in, a sunroom addition is an excellent choice.

While some home addition projects address a specific want or need, adding a sunroom can bring many benefits to the table. The first is that you get more natural light in your house and a place to unplug and stay by yourself reading a book or meditating. You could even fill it with plants to feel closer to nature.

Something similar happens when you start a home expansion project to add a conservatory to your patio or porch. Doing this can increase your home’s value since, in general, any home addition project in the back of your house will make the place more appealing to other homeowners.

2. Make a Home Office or Studio

Although it’s sometimes difficult to afford the home addition cost of a big project, there are ways of profiting from your addition plans. One of them is building a new home office or studio in your house.

If you use the space your additions give you to make more money, you will recover your initial investment sooner than you think. You would need to pay a lot of attention to interior design and make sure the place has enough windows and decorations, but it will all be worth it in the long run.

However, if you want to add a second floor or new room for a home office to your design ideas, you should also invest in a bathroom addition. Working in a place too far from a bathroom can make it difficult to refocus after a break.

3. Create a Guest Suite

Although some people already consider them in their initial home design, it’s common to see houses with no room for guests. You never know when a friend or a family member will need to stay over, and an addition can help you make sure you don’t have that problem.

It’s not the same as letting your guests sleep in your basement, attic, or living room as to actually having a room ready for them. Considering this in your home addition ideas will represent an improvement for your house that will open a window for a higher resale value in the future.

You will need to invest in doors, windows, and artificial light if you want to start this renovation process, though. Most houses with a pre-built space for people staying over lack many things, so you should include them in the project plan to remodel your existing guest room.

4. Start a Gaming/Entertainment Room

Many people use their living room for entertainment purposes, so they don’t focus on any other space in the house for it. However, having a family room addition or a new place that is mainly for playing or having fun is one of the best home addition ideas you can have.

If you live with other people, it’s easy to have constant conflicts when you want to use the living room for different things at the same time. You won’t ever have that problem if you create a new space for entertainment. What many people do is pay for the remodeling of their garage and use it as a multi-purpose room.

You can build a new garage or remodel a small cabin for storage. Regardless of that, you may need to get building permits depending on the size of the project you want to start.

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

5. Focus on Fitness and Yoga

Whether it’s in your indoor or outdoor space, you need a place where you can focus on fitness or relaxation activities, such as yoga, at home. People can remodel an existing laundry room or expand their floor plan to add this.

The extra space you create will allow you to have a small home gym with enough space to work out while avoiding commuting. However, building a place with that needs extra equipment. That will cost you more money, so take that into account when setting the budget for the project.

Final Thoughts

Now that you already have new ideas for how to design room additions, you only need to assemble a team of professionals to start the planning process. Never rush things out, and take all the time you need to plan your new home addition. You won’t regret it.

People working at Golden Heights are more than eager to help you go through all stages of the renovation or remodeling process with ease. They are experienced in home additions, so they can recommend what may work best for you depending on what you want for your house.

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