Eco-Driven Property Development – A Growing Industry Trend in 2022

Property investment has proven over the past year to be one of the most secure, long-standing and potentially lucrative investment strategies out there. In a time where volatile markets have been shaky at points – with the pandemic causing unforeseen ripples across the globe – many investors have decided to move their capital into property, particularly in cities and areas in-demand. A tactile, physical investment in something that can hold firm in economic turmoil can potentially prove to be quite the bolster to any experienced investor’s portfolio.

The ‘Smart’ Building

As cityscapes around the globe continue to rise with demand for central, high-quality housing, the pressure on developers to create enticing, luxury accommodation that meets expectations rises. Pollution in cities (and around the world in general) is of course a concern, and so the idea of the smart building – one that can be controlled remotely and intelligently, with systems working in tandem to preserve energy and be more efficient – is one rising in popularity.



Cities are already seen as vast networks, and the possibilities of eco development having smart functionality that can be remotely accessed and controlled can also extend beyond just an individual building itself. In years to come, apartment buildings and office blocks within an urban area may be able to communicate with each other – informing of weather changes, for example, or a fire in an adjacent building which can they activate safety measure to those nearby.

These concepts and expansions of the ‘internet of things’ idea (which is already in place in many people’s homes through smart technology such as lighting, heating and more) will continue in years to come, ultimately making cities safer and cleaner places.

The Promise of Eco-Development

As well as being able to communicate with other buildings and thus work ‘smarter’ in order to make urban areas safer and more efficient, developments and buildings must also ensure that they have eco-friendly plans and measurements in place.

Leading the fray in the UK with their forward-thinking eco-development in 2022, Nexus Residential and Legacie Developments are in progress on ELEMENT, a state-of-the-art property development in Liverpool aimed at both young professionals making the most of the city’s growing opportunities, and postgraduates operating out of the city and making the most of its education sector.

As well as having facilities popular among young people living in the city, such as a cinema room, resident lounge and luxury rooftop garden area, ELEMENT will have an eco-friendly MO, featuring eco-lighting and heating, solar panels, recycling policies and more. The development will recycle heat generated from different appliances within the building and transfer them into living areas when required, and is even set to feature the ability to collect rainwater for plumbing purposes.


For more information on this eco development in particular, as well as a wealth of different guides and pieces of information on the growing UK property market in general, RWinvest offer a range of multimedia on the property market going forward into 2022. Eco-driven property development is fostering energy efficient construction techniques that will become a normalcy in the coming years, as we move towards a more efficient and healthier city structure.

After all, cities are becoming increasingly popular areas to live for young people, so it’s important that environmental issues are addressed in the race to meet the demand with more housing.

Salman Zafar

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