The Economic Benefits of Temporary Buildings

Businesses need extra space from time to time, no matter the industry they operate in, to meet excess seasonal demands, complete a project, and even for expansion. Unfortunately, putting up a building is costly, may take time and involve intensive planning, seeking approvals, and so on. Sometimes, acquiring more space may be so expensive that it takes a sizeable portion of the profits to the extent that it becomes financially unfeasible.

Temporary buildings offer companies the extra working space at affordable costs in less time than would be needed for a permanent structure and allow customization to the needs of the business. Temporary solutions are the best options in many cases where there is a need for extra space. If you are not yet convinced that these structures could work for your company, below are some of the economic benefits of temporary buildings that can help you make your decision.


1. They Can be Erected for a Limited Time

If your business has a seasonal demand for space, say you need extra dining space for guests in a peak season like holidays, temporary structures could offer the solution. The company can take up extra orders, produce more for the seasonal demand, and take advantage of the booming business.

The best part is that it can hire the buildings for the few days or weeks that it needs the extra space and pay for only those days. Therefore, the business makes savings because it does not have to incur heavy costs to build permanent structures that it may not need for long.

2. The Structures Come in a Wide Variety

When the term “temporary building” is mentioned, most of the people think of small portable units. However, these structures come in a wide range, and other than the specialist’s facilities, many types and varieties of these structures are available. Regardless of the industry, businesses can find structures that fit their purpose and needs, for example office blocks, warehouses, hostels, sports complexes, and many others.

Your business can find a solution that suits its needs and space can even be customized to be suitable for the company. Luckily, there are no hassles involved to have these buildings for use. The business just needs to order from the leading temporary building solutions providers like Smart-Space and they will do all the work and hand over the keys to you to start using the structure.

3. They Are Fast and Easy to Put Up

Time is of the essence when it comes to extra space to allow businesses to take advantage of seasonal demand, short term projects, a decrease in input prices, and so on. Temporary buildings come in handy in such urgent needs for space because they take far less time to construct compared to permanent ones.

Since there is no need for foundations and other time-consuming processes, the structures can be erected fast, in weeks or even less than a week. And once you meet the need and no longer need the space, you can disassemble the building quite fast, too. Due to the easy assembling and dismantling, the structures offer fast and convenient solutions.

4. The Buy or Rent Options Are Cost-Effective

Business owners and managers often find themselves at the crossroads not knowing if to buy or rent buildings. Fortunately, leading temporary space providers like Smart-Space offer the option of renting or buying. They allow the companies to hire the structures, and if they realize they need them longer, they can buy them during the rental period.

The best part is that they quote the purchase price from the onset, so if the business decides to buy, they know how much it will cost them. The purchase price is also depreciated for the time used so the provider quotes the depreciated future purchase from the beginning. This saves your firm undue financial pressure before the structure is erected and have seen its usefulness and practicality. By the time the firm decides to buy, they know it will serve them well. Moreover, any of the options will save the business significant amounts than building permanent structures.

5. They Are Easily Relocatable and Reusable

The temporary structures are easily relocatable from one site to another, thus allow reusing. Therefore, businesses that work from different locations can save on renting permanent structures by moving with their temporary buildings form one site to another.

Bottom Line

It is clear from the above discussion that temporary buildings have many economic benefits for businesses. They save on cost, building time, allow easy movement from one location to another and can be hired for a short time thus avoid unnecessary commitments.

Salman Zafar

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