A Guide to Building Your Lakeside Home

The choice to build a home is not a common one. Most people are alive to the fact that it takes a lot of effort and commitment to pull off a construction. With that said, when your heart is set on bringing the home of your dreams to reality, building it becomes inevitable.

Speaking of dreams, they truly do not get any better than the awe-inspiring views of a lakeside home. Add to that the fresh air and a chance to go swimming or fishing whenever you please and their allure is undeniable. However, unlike an ordinary lot of land, building by the lakeside has its own set of rules.

Here are some key guiding factors to keep in mind as you begin building your lakeside home:

The Weather Report

One of the advantages of living near a water body is that you get to experience nature in all its glory. The flip side of that is that the might of nature can sometimes be a beautiful sunset or a raging storm. Therefore, it is critical that you understand weather patterns and how they will affect your home so as to mitigate them.

Some key elements to look into would include water levels and wind. When it rains the volume of water in the lake increases thereby causing water levels to rise. On occasion, the water is likely to spill over past the banks. Such occurrences will dictate where and how you position your home.

On winds, their strength will inform how much you need to reinforce your structure. Windows and roofs, especially, have to bear the brunt of harsh winds. You can also take the direction of winds into consideration to see how best to plan your layout.

The Land

The best time to evaluate the suitability of the land is before you even buy it. There are several issues that come into play in regard to suitability and how you can use the land. They include:

The Law

Given as lakes are a shared natural resource, they fall under government jurisdiction. Some lakeside areas are protected wetlands and some acreage around a lake may be owned by the government. Zoning ordinances could also dictate what kind of structure you can put up, if at all.


The downside of not weighing such restrictions is that they can later come to bite you. Your building plans, for example, may not get approved. In order to avoid such mishaps, take your time, and be thorough about due diligence.

A Suitable Site

When you are certain that the land is legal to build on, you will need to choose an ideal site to build. In this decision, you will mostly need to factor in the weather patterns you had examined and your structural needs.

Your chosen site needs to be able to withstand and support a stable foundation. At the same time, it should give you access to great views and sufficient natural light. It is certainly a decision that you should make with the help of qualified professionals.

The Structure

The home of your dreams may be a clear vision in your mind’s eye but a lot goes into actually designing and building it. Some fundamental design aspects of a lakeside dream home comprise:


It is highly advisable to go for an elevated design. By raising your home and forfeiting spaces like garages, you will avoid incidents such as flooding. In some instances, it is actually required by law and could also give you an easier time securing insurance.

Fortunately, on the interior layout, you have more freedom to actualize your desired plan. Working closely with your architect and explaining your needs clearly could yield just the right blueprint.

Building Materials

It is recommended that your home be as sturdy as possible. Hurricanes are increasingly becoming a common occurrence among other kinds of water damage. There are many options you can choose from to achieve aesthetics and durability.


Brick and stone have always been known to stand the test of time. Nevertheless, if you are biased to the warmth and beauty of wood, you could try cross-laminated timber panels. They are incredibly resilient and can be prefabricated for a fast build.

In regard to windows, you do not have to be sentenced to small apertures in the name of safety. Double or triple glazed windows can provide you with great views and functionality. They are built to be shatterproof and provide adequate insulation.

The Outdoors

The idea of a lake house is moot if you do not get to enjoy the lake. However, safety measures and additional infrastructure are essential to make this possible.

For safe access to your boat or additional structures such as a boathouse, consider installations such as a floating bridge and walkway. You can have them customized to fit the distance you need to cover. The best part is that they take on the weather well and are highly durable, unlike wood which is prone to rot.


On landscaping, make an effort to have the trees around your property pruned regularly. Loose hanging branches pose some of the greatest dangers during storms when they break.


The list of challenges involved in constructing a lakefront home can be off-putting. Do not let them scare you away though because once you know what to consider, the rest is easy. Simply plan ahead and set aside a sufficient budget for your project. With the help of an experienced team of builders and professionals, you will certainly fulfill your goal.

Salman Zafar

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