How do I start a Data Science Career

How Do I Start a Data Science Career?

Data Science is a rapidly growing domain and has good opportunities. But how can you become a Data Scientist?  Data Science is a challenging domain, but with the appropriate skill-set, you can run the show.

You might have many doubts like- what techniques to focus on, Is Python best or R? is coding a must to start the career? Do you need to have graduation in technical education? Level of statistics knowledge needed? In this article, we will discuss what is vital and what’s not. What to learn and unlearn to become a Data Scientist.

1. Choose the right job role

Data Science has many job roles like Data Visualization expert, Machine Learning expert, Data Scientist, Data Engineer well-known ones. You can pick a job role depending on your educational background or experience. If you are still confused, get a thorough understanding of the industry. Talk to Dataquest and get a deep understanding of the job responsibilities. You can also take the help of a mentor and their suggestions in considering the job role.

2. Start Data Science Training

After deciding what role is good for you, dedicate some time and understand the role as every role has its responsibilities. The role might be the same but, responsibilities might differ from one organization to other. The next step is choosing a good Data Science Training Institute to start your Data Science Course.

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Many institutes offer Data Science Training Programs. Always go for an institute that provides placement assistance and career guidance. Check the rating and reviews before starting the program. After joining the course, make sure you participate actively, follow all the assignments and real-time projects and clear all your doubts. Before completing the training, try to develop your app or a program and take help from your trainers; This will help you gain confidence.

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3. Pick a tool/language

It is always vital to have a good understanding of the language/tool you chose. Without the proper knowledge, you cannot apply it optimally. Practical knowledge will help you in your future projects. Now the next step is what tool or language is best?

It is always better to start with the simplest of all languages. While coming to tools, if you are from a non-coding background start with GUI-based tools, and once well versed with it you can try the coding.

4. Join a support group

After deciding the role, start your preparation. Firstly, join an online support group. A support group helps you understand things and keeps you motivated. Starting a new career is scary and it is relieving to know that there are others out there who have experienced what you are experiencing. You can always have a meaningful technical discussion over the internet.

5. Practical knowledge scores over theory

While undergoing training, it is vital to concentrate on practical applications rather than just theory. It will help you in a better understanding of the concept. Practice all the assignments, work on few data sets and apply them to you’re learning. Try understanding already solved data sets that will provide you an insight into the subject.

How do I start a Data Science Career

6. Database and SQL knowledge

SQL is the most important basic skill you need to become a Data Science professional. Data needs to be put in tables and as a beginner, you might use CSV or an excel file to table data, but it cannot be permanent. Data storage techniques and minimal Big Data knowledge will add value to your resume.

7. Communication Skills

Most of us forget communication skills are important for any job. As a Data Scientist, you need to have exceptional communication skills as you will be working with all the departments collecting data and delivering what they need. Start concentrating on communication skills and working with a team will help you grow in the job and make your tasks easier.

8. Networking

You are new to Data Science, so concentrate more on learning and practicing initially.  Once you are confident that you have the required knowledge of the job. Start visiting meetings and seminars; this will help you build a network that will help you in bagging a job later.


We have pointed out all the vital things in this article that are needed to start your career in a Data Science Course in Bangalore. Joining a good training institute will help you in all aspects. 360DigiTMG is one such place that offers the best training programs and also guides you through your journey. And is also the mentor you need. A world-class curriculum, LMS access, real-time projects, and assignments will help you in mastering the subject. Get trained by IIT, ISB and IIM professionals with placement assistance.

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  1. Data science comprises of various necessary processes. One of the essential things on which data science is centered is the programming languages.

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