How Should I Dispose of My E-Waste in Toronto?

Jeff Bezos recently announced his decision to formally step down from his role in Amazon. One of the things the tech guru plans to do is pay attention to global warming issues.

Why do you think people like him are very passionate about the environment?

One of the reasons is because everyone is implicated once something goes wrong with our planet. For instance, certain areas are no longer in existence because of rising water levels that have forced the inhabitants to move somewhere else.

Such occurrence drastically reduces the landmass of the planet. For more information on this subject, you can read this article.

There are many ways the climate can be affected by the activities of humans. In this article, we are going to address one of these concerns and how people in Toronto can help deal with the situation.

Let us talk about disposing your E-Waste in Toronto!


Why Should You Dispose E-Waste?

Some of the reasons why we all need to properly dispose our e-waste are listed and explained below:

1. Unhealthy for Humans

These electrical and electronic appliances are made using certain chemicals and substances. Many of these are toxic and injurious if they are inhaled by humans.

There is an increased chance that the appliances will badly affect humans when the products stay beyond the warranty. So, it is important that these items are disposed as at when due.

2. Bad for Our Water System and Channels

E-wastes make up a substantial part of the items disposed in our landfills. However, the negative effects do not end there. If these items are not properly disposed, the toxic chemicals they have can make their way into our various water channels and cause pollution.

This is bad for everyone and should be avoided by doing all that is necessary to dispose e-waste properly. By disposing, there are various ways you can consider such as electronics recycling in Toronto and every other part of the world at large.

3. Bad for the Soil

Some people in the region of Toronto and several other places make the mistake of burning these items. This is very bad and should be avoided. This is considering how the chemical toxins in these electrical and electronic products are more exposed to the atmosphere when they are disposed in this manner.

Furthermore, it is very hazardous for the people close to the site where the items are being burned. Having explained the need to dispose e-waste properly, how should residents in Toronto and every other part of the country dispose their e-waste?

How Should E-Waste be Disposed in Toronto?

To dispose your e-waste in Toronto, you are supposed to do any of the following things:

1. Allow the Garbage Guys Pick it Up

Depending on where you are in Toronto, there are days earmarked for the garbage truck company to do their pickups. On this day, you can put this waste in the garbage so that they can be properly disposed.

Usually, the garbage truck company is supposed to separate the various wastes they pickup. Some of the garbage will be recycled while others will be ultimately done away with.

2. Visit the Depot Designated for Drop-Off

There are certain places designated for drop off of these items. So, you can choose to visit these places and drop off the electronic products in question.


You should understand that the administrators do not charge you anything for properly disposing your e-waste. So, you do not have to worry about charges when visiting this depot.

3. Sort it Out During Community Environment Day

Residents of Toronto are strongly advised to actively participate in the community environment day. Even despite the restrictions given the effects of the pandemic, there are guidelines on how to properly conduct the process on these days.

You can take advantage of this day to dispose your e-waste. The drive through will pick up the items and do the right thing with it.

4. Donate It

There are various manufacturing companies that will be happy to make use of your e-waste. These corporations recycle your disposed electronic waste and use them in making new products. You can give it up to them.

For more information on how you can dispose your e-waste in Toronto, you can visit: https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/recycling-organics-garbage/electronic-waste/.

Wrap Up

You should be very concerned about our planet as saving it is everyone’s responsibility. One of the ways you can play your part is by properly disposing your e-waste to avoid polluted waterways, danger to your health, and damage to the soil.

In this article, we have explained the various disposal options for residents in Toronto and advice you bear them in mind for when you have electronic waste to be disposed.

Salman Zafar

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