Recycling of Electronic Wastes: An Infographic

Tech changes so fast—we’d be remiss if we didn’t exchange our computers, printers, tablets, smartphones, and other hardware for those tools that can run faster, store more, and work harder.

But the question then is: What happens to the things that we discard, and can we do better, and do our part, to minimize any additions to the landfill and the growing trash on our planet? Better yet, can other people still make use of those items for work, school, and other tasks?

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The answer, of course, is yes—we can do better and we can help people in the process. By recycling smarter or by finding ways to reuse those tools, you’re helping decrease the more than 11 billion tons of electronic waste (or e-waste) that accumulate, and continues to grow, every year. So how should you approach replacing and finding the best place for your tech tools?

The tips in this infographic can help.

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Recycling Electronics

Salman Zafar

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5 thoughts on “Recycling of Electronic Wastes: An Infographic

  1. In this Computer Age, the amount of electric waste that were collected grows each year. These type of waste are really dangerous to the planet once disposed improperly. I do agree on the stuff you mentioned above where if still in good state, these type of waste should not be disposed but be recycled instead. Thank you so much for giving insights on how to recycle different kinds of electronic gadgets. This is so helpful!

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