how to mine bitcoin on pc

How to Mine Bitcoin On a PC

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cryptocurrency has the potential to be the sole medium of currency exchanges in the futuristic world. I mean, although we are still struggling to become a Type 1 civilization, we have advanced at an impressive rate since the beginning of the modern technological era. With a promising future and a reliable system, crypto is one of the most rapidly growing industries right now.

Even the youngsters today (as little as high schoolers!) are surprisingly interested in crypto! And just like them, if you are interested in crypto mining, this article will tell you how you can get started! For beginners, bitcoin mining is, in simple words, the process by which bitcoins are created and passed out for circulation. And what you, as a miner, will be doing is extracting these coins by working on intricate mathematical problems in order to earn the crypto coins.

You might be thinking this is possible only through sophisticated machines and hardware. And you are partially correct! Most of the professional crypto mining around the world is done with the help of specialised devices known as ASIC miners. But that is a different story. This article focuses on helping you get started with mining on PC.

You can use your gaming PCs to mine crypto effortlessly with the help of its CPU/GPU! Yes, you heard that right! If you already own a gaming PC, you can say hello to your career in crypto! This is one of the biggest reasons even the youngsters today with a gaming PC are interested in crypto mining- it is just effortless! Earlier, it used to be a cumbersome process; you had to have ASICs and set up a nursery for the machines so that the collective computational power would generate the solution faster than others. Frankly, it is still done today. But the difference is, you don’t HAVE to have such kinds of setups in order to mine bitcoins.

how to mine bitcoin on pc

Crypto Mining solely through PCs became possible after NiceHash was made. Basically, it is a marketplace for hash rates. Here, you are practically selling them your computer power. In other words, another user takes the help of your PC’s computational power in order to mine crypto. NiceHash acts as the medium through which both the end-users connect with each other. In return for trading, you get paid for the same in bitcoins.

Begin by making an account on NiceHash’s official website, then later install the same software into your PC by downloading. Finish the installation, but make sure you have turned off your PC’s antivirus. This is because the antivirus will quarantine the software and its files, thus preventing you from, you know, mining! Moving on, start the application and start mining; that’s it!

After some time, you will be officially a crypto-miner! You will see the number of bitcoins you have earned. As to how much you make, it depends on the type of hardware you are using. If you are using a laptop or a PC with a decent graphics card, you will earn a reasonably low amount of bitcoins! But if you have high-end GPUs, you can make comparatively good money!

But that’s not all; you need to keep in mind that these devices require high amounts of electricity to operate, i.e., to solve the intricate mathematical problems. So, if the price of electricity per unit in your city/state is high, you’ll get fewer profits, naturally.


In the end, if you choose to continue with crypto and keep the coins, maybe you could buy a car the following year, or perhaps a cup of sweet tea from the same money! Using NiceHash will get engrain a lot of knowledge related to crypto, but if you are really into it, you can start using better hardware, and before you know it, you might end up buying a mansion in a big city with all that cash!

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