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Junk Removal Costs: How Do I Calculate Junk Removal?

With a lot of us around the country taking the time to clear out a large amount of what we own during the last year and a half, the amount of skips hired and fly-tipping has drastically increased. Large items such as sofas, bed frames, and electrical appliances are hard to get rid of and this is why junk removal services have been much more in demand as of late.

Of course, junk removal services aren’t free and in some cases, people underestimate the amount that it costs to have a professional come and remove your unwanted household items.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the main ways that you can gauge a realistic budget for your junk removal needs.



When is it a good idea to get junk professionally removed?

If you’re noticing that there’s quite a large amount of furniture and appliances clogging up your home that you don’t need anymore, any you’re struggling to find the time, or the means, to take it to your local tip, then it’s probably time to call a professional.

These services should definitely be an option at the top of your list if you don’t have your own means of transport, and for this reason, it is usually the perfect option for students who rent privately and have large items to dispose of.

Some households may also need extra bins that their local councils will not collect for free, and removal services are great for these jobs also.

For a better understanding of the jobs that bin collection services carry out, most companies will be happy to answer any questions if you contact them directly.

How long junk removal will take?

When making a rough calculation of the budget you may need to put aside for junk removal, you need to consider the time that the removal company will have to take out to complete your job.

More often than not, junk removal services are happy to give you a free quote and an estimation of the time the job will take. You will usually have to pay for the time it takes for the company to arrive at your location, as well as get back to their office.

How much junk there is to remove?

Naturally, the job will take longer if there are more items to remove, and the easiest way to estimate this is to count the number of large items that you require removal for and estimate how long it took you to remove the item.

junk removal costs

For example, if you are requesting the removal of a three-piece sofa suite, and each piece took you 10 minutes to remove, you’d be looking at about 30 minutes of removal time.

Of course, each company will calculate this differently, but it’s good to have your own estimate before the job begins.

What is the overall weight of the removal job?

Finally, another important factor to consider when budgeting for junk removal jobs is the weight of the items that you need removal for. If there are too many heavy items, it may be that the junk removal company will not have the capacity to take all of your items away in one trip, so do bear that in mind.

Other factors to consider when budgeting for junk removal

There are plenty of other smaller factors that companies will consider when accepting a removal job, including the speed of when you need the job done, how far away you are and other time-based considerations such as this.

Overall, the best way to calculate junk removal costs is to consider the amount of effort and time a removal service will need to set aside to assist you in the last step of clearing out your home.

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