The 5 Leading Causes Of Road Accidents

Anyone can get involved in a car accident. Whether it’s your fault or the other party’s fault, personal injury attorneys can assist you with any legal repercussions and filing claims. The JLF Firm is well-versed in dealing with this particular area of the law.

That said, road accident deaths are one of the leading causes of death in the world today, which is why safe driving habits, routine vehicle maintenance, and auto insurance are crucial.

To reduce your risk on the roads, you should avoid the following leading causes of road accidents.

1. Distracted Driving

When driving, you should not allow any form of distraction to take your eyes off the road. Unfortunately, we get comfortable driving and tend to forget about the importance of focusing on the road, which can have disastrous results.

Distracted driving includes instances such as changing the song on the radio, eating or drinking while driving, using your cellphone, and anything else that steals your focus from the road.

2. Intoxication

This is highly illegal worldwide, and one of the saddest parts about an intoxicated driving accident is that the drunk driver usually survives, and the innocent victims die. Driving while intoxicated reduces your ability to react and see clearly. If involved in such an incident, preparing a contact to a drunk driving accident lawyer will help in getting through this situation.

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There are also many foundations and educational drives that still lead us in the right direction, which is why there are countless ways to avoid this. We have the luxury of e-hailing services that allow you to get home safely without driving drunk.

3. Speeding

Unless you are in the emergency service department, there is absolutely no reason for you to be speeding. Speeding-related deaths are some of the most gruesome accidents. You could potentially face jail time even if you haven’t caused an accident when it comes to speeding.

4. Vehicle Defects

Vehicle maintenance is vital for several reasons. Leaving your tires to get worn will cause your vehicle to slip when avoiding an accident that could have been prevented. Worn brakes will take longer to stop. Shocks that are damaged or worn make it more difficult to control your car when turning in a normal situation.

Numerous maintenance issues need to be attended to. Some of the other ones many people overlook are windscreen wipers, a damaged windscreen that prevents a clear view of the road, and lack of overall maintenance of your vehicle’s engine, which might not be classified as a safety issue but having your engine die on a highway with speeding cars is the perfect scenario for an accident.

5. Bad Weather

Many people don’t realize that light rain can be more dangerous than heavy rain as light rain causes all the oil on the road to create a slippery section which, even with a well-maintained vehicle, can reduce braking time.


Heavy rain reduces your view. In this situation, many people still speed, which is extremely dangerous if you find yourself panicking in heavy rain, get to some covered parking such as a mall or a gas station, and wait for the weather to clear.

Regular maintenance checks, driving safely with your seatbelt, and following the law is and always will be the reason why you will win a case if you are involved in an accident. However, if you do find yourself involved in an accident, it is still best to rely on an expert injury attorney to handle the legalities for you.

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