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NSW Home Requirement Standards Every Homeowner Must Know

Building a new home has a different kind of excitement for every homeowner. There are a lot of things to be done in a new home yet each process seems like the desired illusion. Once you have found out the right kind of property, you can implement all your ideas into it. Some people prefer building a new property while some find it easy to conduct extensive renovations. The marvellous kitchen space, master bedroom, walk-in-robe everything gets settled once the property is decided. Besides choosing the paint scheme and plants for the balcony, it is important to assure that your new home is built according to the policies of the development control plan, local environmental plan, and local council.

Many complications come in a way when the home is not built as per the given standards. The homeowner can face rejection of an application, difficulties in the approval process, and other things right from the beginning.

You would also need assistance from the registered assessor, not only for assessment of the building but also for ensuring that the building does less or no harm to the environment. Geotechnical reports on the soil, flora and fauna are done for checking the soil quality and ensuring the home is safe from bushfire. In the upcoming section, we have offered comprehensive information on NSW’s government initiative on energy efficiency, including BASIX certificate and types of assessment which are to be considered in the process.

When you work with a professional accessor, they will assure that you are secured as per the following NSW building requirements:

Statement of Environmental Effect

Statement of Environmental Effects (SOEE) is a mandatory requirement in the NSW Council. This report has the following specifications;

  • Project compliance with the requirements of the government;
  • Home features influence on the surrounding area;
  • Privacy and space for the neighbouring property;
  • Use of natural light to save energy cost;
  • Availability of the parking and manoeuvring space;
  • Affect of development to the existing trees and landscape in the area.

A qualified building designer would help you with the SOEE before the final approval.

Bush Fire Assessment Report

If you are planning to build a property which is close to bushfire affected area, you will need to get examined it. Following that, you can attach the assessment report with the application of the building. This inspection will ascertain things such as home distance from the fire-prone area, fire attack level, and necessity of static and piped water supply. When the property is within close proximity with lush vegetation and open spaces, there are great chances of catching fire.

NSW Home Requirement Standards

BASIX Certificate

Whether you are planning for a new home or just want some alterations in the existing home, it is important to secure a Building Sustainability Index, also known as BASIX certificate. This is an NSW government initiative to save energy and other resources. Anyone who is submitting a building application would need to follow the standards of BASIX.

The certification process of BASIX report concentrates on assessing your building application complying with NSW’s energy and water usage reduction targets. Another goal of this certificate is to offer better comfort to the homeowner with less resource cost. There is no downside in following the BASIX standards, in fact, it will be beneficial in the future.

As you know the importance of following these standards, let us further gather information on which assessment method will be used.

Types of Assessment Method

The general compliance method has to meet prescriptive construction requirements which are also known as elemental provisions. The energy assessment and other relevant documentation must be presented to the private certifier and council for further processing.

Energy Rating Assessment

The energy rating of at least 6-stars must be obtained by using the authorised software program. The software certified programs are AccuRate, BERSpro, and FirstRate5.

This method of assessment requires compliance with other energy efficiency requirements that are not addressed by any software program. Summary report, assessment of other energy, and energy rating certificate are documentation which has to be submitted to the council.

Performance Requirements

The home performance must comply with set standards of performance requirements associated with BCA section J, which can also be formed with other methods. A performance solution would need an expert mind to provide appropriate qualifications and mastery in constructing energy-efficient building.

The performance requirements and proposed performance solution that are being met and any assessment method which is used along with the relevant documentation must be submitted to the council. Once the residence is constructed according to the set standards, there are high chances of final approval.

We hope through the above information, you will gain immense knowledge about the government standards on building efficiency and how many types of assessment are done to comply with the major standards. You have to find an assessor who knows the solution for any complication that can arise while creating an energy-efficient building, serving both homeowner and society.

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