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3 Natural Ways To Keep Pests and Critters Out of the House

Pests and critters have a way of finding their way into your home. They hitch rides on pets. They sneak in with the groceries. They walk in through cracks and vents. It’s always unsettling to find them in your basement, kitchen or bathrooms. The dilemma is getting rid of them without harming the occupants you do want in your home. There are several natural ways to keep pests away without resorting to potentially harmful DIY chemical pest control.

pest control home

1. Put vinegar to work

Put the following in a spray bottle and shake well:

  • one part vinegar
  • one part water
  • 10 drops mint or eucalyptus essential oil

Use this solution to clean up any areas where you see ants or roaches inside the house. To use, spray then wipe up. Ants, roaches and some other pests leave chemical trails to get back and forth to the nest. By cleaning up any stray crumbs or scraps they may be attracted to and washing away the trail, you reduce the chance that they’ll visit again.

2. See How Soapy Water Gets Rid of Fleas

Anytime your pet is outside, there’s a chance they can bring fleas back in with them. When this happens, it’s often not long before the house itself becomes infested. Fleas in the house can make everyone miserable. If you only have a small infestation in a single room, though, you may be able to get them out with a simple trick involving soap and water.

To make the flea trap, you’ll need a large shallow pan, some dish soap, warm water and a gooseneck lamp. Fill the pan with the soapy water late in the evening, then point the light at the pan overnight. The fleas are attracted to the light’s reflection and jump at it, landing in the pan. But, the soap breaks down the water’s surface tension, so they can’t get back out. Dump the water daily. You should also vacuum often and throw away the bag after so that you can eliminate flea eggs.

3. Repel roaches with one simple seasoning

Roaches are attracted to any area where they can access food and water. If your pantry is full of cardboard boxes of cake mix and paper bags of flour, these can both be easy pickings for roaches to find a way inside. Seal these items in air-tight containers to reduce the risk of roaches. You can also repel them by placing bay leaves on shelves in your pantry and inside containers that have dry goods inside.

When to Call a Professional

If you are trying to control pests yourself, these are safe options to try first. However, they may not be effective against more serious pest problems. Part of the benefit is that do not expose you and your family to the chemicals associated with DIY pest control. When people try to DIY, they often overexpose their families or use the wrong solutions for the place to be treated.

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Professional pest control can help in eliminating pests from your home

These are among the reasons that professional pest control is a better option. Modern professionals like Pest Control Vaughan services can help eliminate indoor and outdoor pests from your home without putting your family at risk. Professionals use just the right amount of pest treatments in exactly the area needed. Additionally, pests themselves can present more risk to your family than potential chemical exposure from professional pest control options.

Have you noticed ants, fleas, roaches or another indoor pest? Are they resisting your attempts to remove them? We can help. Our methods are geared toward killing pests effectively and preventing a reoccurrence while limiting exposure to pesticides. Get in touch today to learn more about our pest control experience and what we can do for you.

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