R programming benefits

Top 9 Reasons To Learn R

R is an open-source programming language that is broadly used as a data analysis and statistical software tool. It comes with the command-line interface and is available across widely used platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. R is the latest cutting-edge tool and is an implementation of the S programming language. It can be applied to all operating systems as it is a platform-independent language.

A key attraction for this language is that it is free so that anyone can install it in any organization without purchasing a license that falls under the terms of the Free Software Foundation’s GNU (General Public Licence) in source code form. It compiles and runs on a broad variety of UNIX platforms and similar systems (Linux and FreeBSD), macOS, and Windows.

The R programming language has a huge community of users and it’s growing continuously. It is not only a statistical package but also allows us to integrate with other languages like C, C++. So we can easily interact with many statistical packages and data sources. Nowadays R is currently one of the most requested programming languages in the data science world which makes it the hottest trend in the job market. One of the R’s features is the ease with which well-designed publication-quality plots can be produced that involve mathematical formulas and symbols where needed.

R programming benefits

This article will tell you about the top reasons and benefits to learn R and the need to take an R programming course.

Top 9 Reasons To Learn R

In today’s digital world, R is the most popular language in the data science field and is heavily used in analyzing data that is both structured and unstructured. So it is considered the standard language for performing statistical operations and allows several features that set it apart from other data science languages. Below mentioned are some of the benefits and top reasons to learn this dynamic programming language.

1. High Paying Jobs

A survey on over 17000 technology professionals, by Dice Tech reports that the highest-paid IT skill was R programming. It attracts an average salary of $110,000 per annum, making R quite attractive to learn. With this popular language, one can find job roles such as Data Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Data scientist, Financial Analyst, etc.

2. Lingua Franca for  Statistical Analysis & Data Science

This language is statistical software built by statisticians for statisticians. With R one can find simple measures of central tendency to create complex statistical models. It is the go-to language for any type of statistical analysis. Even with simple R tools, complex machine learning models such as Poisson regression, Gaussian process regression, and Random Forest can be built.

3. Major companies Using R

Many tech giants are using the R language for smooth operations in their organizations. Facebook is using R for behavioral analysis related to profile pictures and status updates. Google is using it for economic forecasting and advertising effectiveness. Ford uses R to improve vehicle designs and Twitter uses it for semantic clustering and data visualizations. So there is a large scope to get job opportunities with this skill set.

4. Interactive Web Applications

R provides a tool called Shiny which helps in building stunning web applications directly from your data analysis software. It also helps in creating impressive dashboard designs and interactive web pages from your R console. You also can build a Shiny web app and host it on any cloud service such as Amazon Web Services.

5. Great visualization

R provides great visualization tools such as ggvis, ggplot2, and plotly to create effective visualization. These packages help in creating print-quality graphs that can be published in any international magazine. R provides high-quality graphics that come in handy during experimental procedures, so R is widely used in the pharma industry.

6. Comprehensive Libraries

R programming language has comprehensive libraries and it provides more than 10000 packages and inbuilt functions. There are many packages for Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data manipulation, statistical modeling, imputation, and more. So R springs up a package from its hat to help you out whatever you need.


7. Huge Community

R programming boasts of a huge community to tap into whenever you need help. So you can get help from people who have worked on similar projects. You can also share your ideas, work on projects and compete in data science contests.

8. Cross-platform Compatible

One of the biggest benefits of the R language is that you can run R on many operating systems and varied hardware/software. It will also run seamlessly irrespective of whether you are working on Mac, Linux-based, or a windows system.

9. Open-source

R is free and open-source software. You can just install and start working with it easily. You can even modify the code and create your own innovation in it. It has no license restrictions.

So these are some reasons to learn R if someone is fond of making a career in this domain.

Benefits of Taking an R Course

We know that R is a very popular language in the data science world. It is always beneficial to learn R via taking a course. By taking the course you will learn how to install and configure software necessary for a statistical programming environment and describe generic programming language concepts as they are being programmed in a high-level statistical language.

Several courses cover practical issues in statistical computing that includes programming in R. So after completing the course you can directly start your new programming career and get tangible benefits. You can also get a pay increase or promotion after certification.


So learning an R programming course helps you understand critical programming language concepts and configure statistical programming software. It will also make you able to make use of the R loop functions and debugging tools. It can help you collect detailed information using the R profiler.

Start learning today through the R programming course to polish your career graph in the Data Science world. Earn certification, become a successful R programmer and find your niche.

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