Study Tips for Clearing NEET

Study Tips For Clearing NEET in Your First Attempt

NEET is a common entrance examination that guarantees you admission to the top medical colleges in India. With an  increasing levels of competition it would be difficult to crack the exams and secure admission to a government engineering college. You can appear for NEET mock test online free.

Though the number changes every day a major chunk of the students clear NEET exam in the first attempt. The reason may be a dedicated focus on studies, regular classes, disciplined approach and to some extent not wasting an entire year for exam preparation. To crack the exam in the first attempt here are a few tips that you can follow:

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A study schedule is necessary to finish the curriculum on time

One of the advantages of a NEET exam schedule is that the moment you have completed the syllabus, you are already aware what is in the next schedule. If you start your day in the same manner it can motivate you to study consistently even if you feel that you do not want to study.

Do not leave out topics or chapters that you feel are less important

In the exam a topic may come from any chapter, or any topic. You need to complete all topics as sometimes an easy question can come up from a topic that you may found it difficult to read. When you are studying  a difficult chapter do not think that you need to complete it at a single go. Study daily for some time rather than planning to mug it up in a marathon session.

Studying from NCERT books is the key to understand NEET concepts

NCERT books have to be read line by line. Exercises, summary and solved examples everything is important during the course of a NCERT exam. You have to observe and reproduce all the NCERT exams of  Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A few questions may come in NEET exams from outside the NCERT books and you can cover them with coaching books or reference material.

Revise daily and make notes for last minute revision

In your NEET slot, there should be time for revision. It is not only with theory you need to solve problems to think effectively. Short notes can be prepared do that you can revise properly. You should be making flow charts, posters and stick to it as far as possible. Then you need to have a glance at them repeatedly.

Join a coaching institute, and complete all assignments on time

It is better to join coaching classes if you have not done till now. Coaching gives you exposure to quality education and questions or tests are conducted of NEET exam pattern. It is going to help you stay confident to crack NEET exam in the first attempt.

You need to clear doubts as far as possible

Doubts lead to disappointments, frustration and various roadblocks in your preparation. It is better to clear your doubts as soon as possible. In coaching class you can clear the doubts, learning methods or anything that would get into trouble

Make sure that you attend all the classes and complete the assignment in time

You need to be regular with your classes as any day your teacher can teach you some tips and tricks. It is suggested what is currently happening to the coaching, so as to cover the concepts and back logs. Your first priority is to finish all your current assignments on time along with homework on time.

Study Tips for Clearing NEET

Give mock tests and analyse performance to enhance your performance

Apart from regular tests in coaching it is better if you opt for NEET mock test at the comfort of your home. One of the advantages with mock tests is that you can analyse your performance over a period of time. You may check the questions, time that is spend on important questions and work out areas of improvement.

Time management is important

Time management if you have to find a balance between studies and other things. Studying for long hours can bring about a degree of exhaustion and if there are too many breaks it will result in not completing your work on time.

You need to believe that you would be cracking the exam in the first attempt. So the need of the hour is to have a positive attitude. You have to do everything at your end to make things happen. There could be moments where you may develop negative feelings and do not feeling the urge to clear the exams. A friend in guide is Infinity Learn who have subject matter experts providing their guidance in various areas. You can get in touch with them via a phone call or an email and they would be happy to help you.

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