Does an MBA Degree Have a Future

Studying For MBAs in 2023: Are they Still Worth It?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be very rewarding, but it requires a lot of time and money. Due to conflicting opinions, getting through the clutter and competition for enrolment can be difficult. Besides, there’s a further complication because Elon Musk once doubted its value.

An MBA program provides you with business and leadership skills to advance your career, exposes you to networking opportunities, and allows you to join the alum network. It covers you not just on the knowledge front but also on the networking front. So, you might wonder whether studying for an MBA in 2023 is still worth it. Whether or not you should read further, but with you can make everything much easier. Fortunately, the following article examines all the essentials you’ll need to consider before deciding.


When is an MBA worth it?

Students who intend to pursue careers in management, business-related fields, or startup founders will benefit most from an MBA program. If you are unemployed in leadership or management positions, you may not need an MBA degree.

Despite this, not all MBA programs are the same. The number of colleges, universities, and business schools offering such programs is growing. MBA programs are more valuable when they come from top-level business schools or top-ranking universities rated by students, while degrees from unreliable institutions are not as impactful.

Even though many entrepreneurs earn MBAs, startups may not necessarily hire MBA graduates. Instead, they want candidates with innovative ideas and a different perspective. The MBA degree may help an applicant get an interview, but it won’t guarantee a job offer. However, part-time programs provide opportunities for promotion and growth for those with extensive professional experience.

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Key Benefits of Studying For an MBA in 2023

There are many benefits to studying for an MBA, with the key ones include:

1. Acquisition of Transferable Skills

Since most MBA programs require rigorous coursework, employers recognize that graduates acquire a standard set of transferrable skills during their higher education. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) found that MBA graduates value the following skills most:

  • Motivation and leadership
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Strategic and systems skills
  • Decision-making

Many employers view MBA degrees as evidence that you possess these skills and can use them successfully in higher-level business jobs.

2. Provides Career Resources and Networking Opportunities

Student success is the highest priority for MBA faculty and staff. Through positive employment reports and marketing materials, or their program ranking, your success is likely to help attract future students with similar potential for success. Thus, many programs offer career resources and networking opportunities.

Besides these services, like on-campus recruitment fairs and executive coaching, you can also improve your job prospects. Globally, hiring companies may have direct contact points with MBA programs and robust alum networks. A GMAC survey from 2022 found that 76% of graduate business school alums felt their program helped them build their professional networks. Moreover, 68% agreed that their program provided opportunities for career advancement.

3. Building Relationships

While pursuing your MBA, you can also build valuable relationships. An alum survey found that 70% felt their program prepared them for work in culturally diverse environments. Several MBA admissions offices strive to attract students with diverse backgrounds who can offer a variety of perspectives on business.

Does an MBA Degree Have a Future

The curriculum of many programs includes group projects and discussion-based classes to use that co-learning opportunity. A student may also join a study group or participate in extracurricular activities.

Does an MBA Degree Have a Future?

In addition to pursuing a full-time MBA, some professionals wish to pursue an alternative MBA program that is accessible and affordable. As a result, online MBA programs are on the rise now.

It allows students to acquire professional skills and knowledge while working independently. Therefore, MBAs have a bright future, but they also have some drawbacks that make them more sought after online than offline.

Final Thoughts

There will always be a high demand for MBA programs as long as businesses exist. Ultimately, your choice of which stream you wish to pursue your dreams is entirely up to you, as each has its unique advantages. You will make a wise decision by studying for an MBA in 2023.

As a result, you will become a more valuable version of yourself. MBA degrees will help you achieve respectable jobs in the corporate world. So you won’t be disappointed after getting one.

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