9 Recruitment Tips to Hiring the Best Employees

All types of businesses, whether large or small, need a regular supply of capable and efficient employees to achieve the company’s objectives and to execute them with finesse. However, this requires an economical, effective and dynamic recruitment process in order to have a truly professional workforce.

Below are a few important tips which will help your company in the recruiting the best employees:

1. Maintain a clear image of the company’s requirements

It may seem that a certain person is quite accomplished in fields which may not directly align with your company’s short-term objectives but could help in the long run, it may be prudent to ask if that really is necessary. If the answer is no, you’ll have to keep looking. Efficiency is the key here.

2. Go unconventional

Instead of determining the candidate based on his or her previous experience, ask if he or she can handle the unexpected by throwing random scenarios out of the ordinary but very possible to them. This tells you if they can handle the pressure and maintain calm in stressful scenarios.


3. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

How would things go from the candidate’s point of view? What would he want? What would a person of his or her experience look for in a job? How does the internet influence their thinking? What would you do if you were in their shoes? What kind of salary would they be looking for? What kind of job would satisfy them? What would their concept if this job be? These questions help understand your candidate better and to tailor your approach to recruitment

4. Spread the news

While spreading the news far and wide may seem like a bad idea as it would reach a larger applicant base thereby reducing efficiency and increasing costs and time, it also widens your candidate pool. If the job application news has clearly specified guidelines on who can apply and with what skills, it will reduce the number of applications.

5. Hire on a trial basis

While hiring on a trial basis might seem like a waste of money, it has some surprising benefits. There are established companies which excels in providing temporary staffing and freelance services for low prices. Small businesses may utilise the services of Austin temp agency and the talent it offers to make sure that the business has its mind clear on the exact skills they want a permanent employee to possess and if the freelancer is what the company wants, they can simply extend their contracts. A freelancer can also provide expert opinion on the company’s needs and requirements and act as an advisor for some other venture.


6. Offer handsome salary and attractive perks

The best companies to work for in the world have many things in common. One of them is employee benefits. They are a great way of employing and retaining a large pool of skilled employees. Benefits like healthcare coverage (Google, Microsoft), transport costs after a certain time (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan), paid leave, work from home etc. The trick is to make sure the employees do not lose attention on their work because of the comforts provided by you.

7. Utilize technology to the fullest

What’s the use of social media if not for promoting your company and how great it is to work there. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social channels to advertise the benefits and recruit employees or freelancers by simply chatting with them online. You can also chat with experts on how to run your business. There are a lot of websites which help in not just connecting with prospective employees but also many other business-related tasks.

8. Give them a reason to choose you

Top candidates have many options when it comes to their career since they either have good academics and/or experience. So why would anyone work for you? Give the candidates who you feel are good but in short supply a chance to see how things go at your firm. Let them meet the permanent and temporary employees, have them stay on a working day for understanding the firm’s office culture etc. Executed correctly, this is one of the best ways to promote your organisation and to attract more candidates.


9. Make applications quick and easy

Nobody likes to go through mounds of paperwork for filling out a job application. It’s infinitely easier to simply go to a company’s website, apply online without much hassle and be done in a few short minutes. This makes application easy and efficient to candidates and also makes your job simpler. It also shows you value time and efficiency rather than long personal records. However, pre-employment screening is also recommended to debar candidates with suspicious track records.

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