what is bigcommerce

What is BigCommerce?

With over 95,000 live sites that currently use the BigCommerce system for selling items and processing payments online, there is strong reason to believe that BigCommerce offers a functional and powerful interface for your e-commerce needs.

 In early 2016, BigCommerce with a completely new brand structure, more integrations and many new features for users, the company experienced an incredibly drastic renaming. In short, the company stated that the logo change is more reminiscent of what the platform is supposed to do for users and referred to the uptrending chart logo. In addition, the company has changed the design of its website to give all users easier access to information.

The branding looks good, but what about you as a user? One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is to find out which of the best e-commerce systems is suitable for your business. You decide for yourself whether payment processing or product management is more important. The same applies to elements such as security and website design.

Is BigCommerce your best choice?

BigCommerce is a first-class e-commerce platform that is perfect for selling beyond tools such as eBay and Amazon. You can use it to set up your business, add products and earn real money through your website. However, that’s not all. BigCommerce is also a specialist e-commerce website generator.

While other website builders like Squarespace, you or bigcommerce development agency can create virtually any type of website you choose. E-commerce solutions like BigCommerce are specifically designed for companies that want to create a website in a user-friendly way where they can sell products and services. BigCommerce with an average growth rate for customers such as Toyota, Ben & Jerrys and Kodak, which reaches around 28% year-on-year, it is definitely noticeable in the current market. However, it is worth noting that every contractor has his advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to find out.

BigCommerce looks like they are dramatically increasing prices for their more successful customers (which generates more than $125,000 per year in sales), which makes them much more expensive than their direct competitors Shopify, which has fixed prices.


The BigCommerce features It all starts with the website builder, as it allows beautiful, responsive designs without knowing much about web design. Add products without problems, manage them and accept payments through a variety of options.

Tailor-made shipping is a must for most providers, and BigCommerce has it all. The flexible tax system and dropshipping functions ensure that you have to change your business model not only because of your e-commerce system.

Note: BigCommerce largely did not respond to feature requests, which made it difficult for many customers to justify the costs. For example, many of the features have been developed primarily for US customers, so the rest of the world only has functions that are not quite useful. In addition, customers have complained that useful functions are requested again and again in the forums, but never come into play (e.g. the possibility to adjust the order status).

Apart from the problem with the update, we can talk about some of the positive aspects. From intelligent product rules to downloadable sales, email marketing tools to advanced search engine optimization. BigCommerce has some wonderful features. The question now is whether these features are available at a reasonable price and whether they are so great in action.

what is bigcommerce

1. An adjustable cash register

In the past, we felt that the BigCommerce checkout module looked a bit outdated and was difficult for traders to modify. This has changed recently BigCommerce now offers access to the checkout SDK or a library of JavaScript elements for your checkout process. Now merchants can customize every part of their checkout, from the wallpapers to the number of steps a customer needs to navigate through the process.

2. Ease of Use

With regard to start-up companies, search for e-commerce platforms. The first thing companies usually inquire about is pricing. After that, user-friendliness is almost always the most important area. This makes sense when you consider that an entrepreneur generally does not have the necessary knowledge of web design or development to create a website from scratch or to play around with confusing creation processes.

When you start your website with BigCommerce you have some nice tutorials and steps to help you get started. However, our tests and reader feedback show that BigCommerce’s new Stencil framework is friendlier for advanced developers. This is great news for businesses that can hire a solid developer. However, it is difficult for non-technical users to make small changes, which is necessary for the average inventor or entrepreneur.

If you need more information on the topic, follow https://digitalsuits.co/blog/application-strategy-five-main-steps/.

In addition to Shopify, BigCommerce has the features needed for developers, but it’s not quite there for the average non-technician. The first page you see when you land in the dashboard contains a list of steps you should take to complete your shop within a few seconds. For example, you can add products, set up shipping settings and manage your tax rates.

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