artificial rain and heavy rains

Why Does Artificial Grass Hold Up Better in Rainy Weather?

Mother Nature likes to remind us from time to time that she’s in charge. No matter what we do or how we prepare, we simply can’t control the weather nor can we often be ready for the damaging effects that sometimes come along with it. There are, however, steps we can take to minimize any damage done to our property via unexpected weather events.

One of those steps is installing artificial grass or turf. These products will hold up much better in cases of extreme weather and give you some much needed peace of mind, both before and after these acts of Mother Nature.

Have you ever taken a good look at your yard after a period of heavy rain? Pockets of water, areas where the kids or pets have torn up the softened areas of the yard, sections of excess mud and grime?

You’ve probably seen them all and likely will again.

But then take a look at a lawn that’s been converted to an artificial one. It will look the same as it did before the storms came, which not only saves homeowners a lot of time but also a good amount of money in restoring the lawn back to its former condition.

So what is it about artificial lawns that make them hold up so much better to the effects of Mother Nature?

We’re glad you asked!  In this article, we have outlined a few reasons:

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Artificial Grass is Made to Withstand the Elements

Artificial grass is made with Mother Nature in mind. Excess care is given to make a product that can hold up in the most severe weather conditions and that generally means a great value for the consumer.

Artificial grass and turf also comes with warranties to protect the homeowner on the rare occasion that something does go wrong. But this won’t happen often as quality products generally dominate the industry. Furthermore. when it comes to artificial grass, our skilled team specializes in sod installation in Winnipeg, providing a hassle-free solution that delivers the beauty and convenience of a perfectly manicured lawn without the need for constant maintenance.

So convert your natural grass lawn to an artificial one today and stop worrying about the daily weather report. You can rest easy regardless of what the weatherman has to say on the nightly news.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Fall Apart Due to Weather Conditions

When natural grass has been exposed to heavy rain, foot traffic can then cause the blades to break off and create unsightly areas of your lawn.

This also creates a mess, not just in your yard but also in your home and outdoor living areas, as these broken blades will be tracked from one area to another.

Artificial grass could become a bit flattened after periods of heavy rain, but the blades will remain intact. All you’ll need to do is brush the grass with a stiff bristle broom and everything will look as good as new. And on those hot days artificial lawns as a drought resistant option can be a great idea as well.

artificial rain and heavy rains

Artificial Grass Ensures Proper Drainage

Now this is assuming you had the lawn professionally installed, which you’ll definitely want to do when converting your natural grass to an artificial model.

Doing so will ensure that your lawn is set up for maximum stability and drainage in the case of extreme weather, or even just long periods of steady rain.

Drainage is extremely important for any lawn and that includes artificial ones. Just have your artificial grass installed by a professional and you should never have to worry about drainage issues ever again. This can be great reason why you should install artificial grass on you balcony.

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