reasons to winterize your home early

Why It’s Essential To Get Your Home Winterized Early

Winterizing a home early makes sense. Proper weatherizing provides a homeowner with a sense of peace, as they know they won’t have to tackle major chores or complete a large repair once the cold weather sets in. While a person may not be thinking of winter yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Being proactive allows the homeowner to plan those chores and repairs that will be difficult once the weather turns. What chores should a person do during the fall?

The Roof and Gutters

Clean the gutters and examine the roof. Nobody wants to be looking for roofing services when it is cold outside. Clogged gutters can make ice dams worse, so ensure all leaves and debris are removed before the snow arrives. This ensures any water from the roof has somewhere to go and doesn’t damage the roof or any other part of the home.

winterizing your home early

While the roofer is at the home, have them install an ice and water shield beneath the shingles to prevent ice dams. In addition, ensure the attic is properly ventilated and well insulated. This will help keep the home warm on frigid days.

Winterize Pipes

Pipes freeze in cold temperatures. Avoid this problem by draining water from outdoor spigots, garden hoses, and sprinkler systems. Cover the faucets with weatherproof covers and consider installing pipe insulation or heat tape. Either product reduces the risk of the pipes freezing. Always keep the thermostat in the home at 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the pipes from freezing, as well.

Exterior Inspection

Next, examine the exterior of the home to see if there are any holes where pests can make their way inside. If a mouse’s nose can fit in the hole, its entire body can pass through the space. Keep this in mind when conducting the inspection.

Store Outdoor Furniture

Put outdoor furniture away. If this isn’t possible, cover the furniture and outdoor grill with weatherproof covers to ensure they aren’t damaged by snow and ice. When doing so, seal wood decks to protect them from water damage.

The Windows

Remove any debris from window wells to ensure the wood components of the windows remain protected. Close storm windows if the home has them, and reapply caulk where needed. Avoid caulking weep holes in storm windows, however, as they are designed to allow rainwater to escape. Unclog any blocked weep holes. Also, examine the windows. Insulated glass windows should not be cloudy. If they are, the vacuum seal is broken, and the windows will no longer provide the expected level of insulation. Replace them during the fall.

reasons to winterize your home early

Inspect Winter Weather Tools

Pull winter weather tools, such as snow shovels and snow blowers, out. Inspect them to see if they need to be serviced or replaced. Nobody wants to learn their snow shovel got broken in the shed when there is snow on the ground or their snow blower won’t start. Buy ice melt for snowy walkways, and set aside a place outdoors to remove wet shoes and boots. This minimizes the amount of water coming into the home. Remember that water on floors or steps could lead to someone slipping and falling.

Many people winterize the interior of the home during the fall. Have the heating system inspected, and clean the chimney flue before the cold weather arrives. Other tasks may be completed once the outside temperature drops. However, don’t put off these tasks for too long. Both the interior and exterior of the home should be ready for winter weather, as this will allow the occupants to remain warm and cozy regardless of the weather conditions.

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