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Are There Any Safe Alternatives to Growth Hormone Therapy?

HGH is an essential growth hormone (GH) that assists in the growth and regeneration of body tissue. A particular organ in the brain called the pituitary gland produces this hormone. In addition to helping with the development of body tissue, it also assists in developing muscle mass, bone density, and strength in enhancing your immune system. Growth hormone therapy is a treatment that helps the pituitary gland generate more of this growth hormone to improve your body’s performance. However, while the growth hormone pills can increase HGH levels, they can also have some side effects that could be detrimental to your health. Fortunately, there are safe, natural alternatives that you can use to increase the levels of this hormone. Here are a few of them.

Regular Exercise

Physical exercise stimulates your whole body physically and mentally. The more you engage in physical activities, the more your bones and muscles grow and stay healthy. You also get to enhance your appetite and eat more. Human beings are not meant to live a sedentary lifestyle, so you must do some physical activity for at least 30 minutes daily. Such activities enhance your blood flow throughout your body, allowing your cells to get enough oxygen to fuel tissue growth. It also helps to stimulate your brain to generate more growth hormones.


Get Enough Sleep

You must prioritize your rest period if you want your body to grow and remain healthy. Sleep is a function of exercise as your body tissues break down during exercise and regenerate when you are resting. Your brain can also produce more growth hormones when you get enough sleep. Lack of enough and quality sleep impedes your body’s ability to generate these hormones. The best way to ensure you get quality sleep is to make sure you work out and avoid starchy foods in the evening. Physical activities tire your body, and less starchy foods prevent your digestive system from struggling at night, allowing you to sleep easily.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Another good way of stimulating growth hormone release is by reducing sugar intake. When you ingest excess sugar and carbohydrates, your pancreas releases more insulin to balance out the same in your body. An increase in insulin levels in your body slows down the secretion of GH, thus reducing its level. High insulin levels also promote the buildup of fat in your body leading to obesity and a further reduction of GH. It is necessary, therefore, to cut down your sugar consumption if you want your body to generate more growth hormones.

Intermittent Fasting

Studies show that intermittent fasting is effective at increasing the levels of HGH. Intermittent fasting refers to deliberate fasting over particular periods while eating limited meals. You can opt to have just one light meal to keep the body going for about 24 hours. Fasting enhances the secretion of growth hormones as they play a vital role in breaking down body fats. The body requires this fat to keep it running during the fasting period. If you are disciplined in fasting and have a proper diet, your body produces more growth hormones naturally, helping you grow your muscles and strengthen your bones.

Take Natural Supplements

Instead of undergoing HGH therapy, you can choose to use natural supplements. Supplements such as glutamine and arginine or amino acids are essential for boosting the production of HGH. You can find these supplements in their natural form and include them in your diet. They are also foods that contain these essential nutrients, but the supplements work better. You should consult your physician before including any supplements in your diet.

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Reduce Your Portions before Bedtime

When sleeping, your body releases a high level of growth hormones. The hormones help repair muscles broken down during exercise. Nutritionists advise against eating a lot of food just before you go to sleep, as the food triggers the secretion of insulin that prevents the production of HGH. You should, therefore, reduce your food intake, especially meals containing starch, as it prevents proper digestion and production of HGH.

Reduce Body Fat

High body fat prevents the proper secretion of growth hormones. It would be best if you worked towards reducing the amount of body fat in your body through proper diet and regular exercise. Body fat affects both genders, but men tend to experience more challenges in the production of HGH with excess fat. Belly fat is perilous. Thus, it would be best if you focused on eliminating the same.

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