Astrology and Fortune Telling: What’s the Connection?

Each one of us wants to know what the future holds for us. When we are in some kind of trouble, the urge to know how the future will pan out is even more. This is why people flock in large numbers to astrologers and fortune-tellers thinking that these people can offer them a peek into their fates. They expect to find out what will happen so that they can be prepared for it. Knowing that the days to come will be better helps them to stay optimistic. There are psychics who give free tarot reading online on a daily basis and provide real psychic readings to help seekers to know the perils and fortunes waiting in their lives.

Experts in fortune-telling or astrology can now make predictions about what will happen in the future depending on global trends. Some of these forecasts have indeed turned out to be real but many others have not. Earlier, people would get in touch with oracles, the priests and priestesses claiming to deliver information they obtained from the Gods. Today, people usually reach out to astrologers or fortune-tellers.

Fortune-telling is really the art of future prediction using crystal balls, through reading palms, or a cup with tea leaves. There are people who do not believe in this art and consider the readings to be completely baseless. However, there are some who do believe in fortune-telling, primarily to make money.

According to critics, this art lacks consistency because when you ask the same question to two different fortune-tellers, chances are high that their predictions will not be the same. Even by reading the same card or the same palm, two fortune-tellers can come up with two distinct interpretations. As far as crystal balls are concerned, people do not have much faith in these, considering them to be merely props.


Astrology, on the other hand, makes an attempt to predict future by analyzing relative positioning of different celestial bodies. According to the astrologers, the positions of the planets, sun, and moon have a definite influence on human lives. Like fortune-telling, even astrological predictions may vary from one astrologer to another when the subject is the same.

Free Astrology helps to make an individual aware of his innate talents and gifts, of the choices he can make in his life, and the reason behind certain events that may have occurred. Astrology can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, the best times to launch new ventures, and even review certain portions of your past life.

Both astrology and fortune-telling have a deep connection in that they both seek to tell us about our future. But, at the same time, the choices we make in our lives can have a big influence on the future as predicted by these experts. So, there can be no predetermined future and it is hard to know exactly what will happen in the days to come.

Astrology is really a part of fortune-telling activities that may include other methods like tarot card reading, astromancy, pendulum reading, palmistry, crystallomancy, Feng Shui, lithomancy, necromancy, face reading, numerology, etc.

Salman Zafar

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2 thoughts on “Astrology and Fortune Telling: What’s the Connection?

  1. i do not believe astrologers and fortune tellers can see the future, they are just exploiting the human curiosity

  2. If their predictions are sometimes correct then the point of life is pointless because it’s already predetermined

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