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The Best Accounting Software for Accountants and Tax Consultants

Accountants and tax consultants always try to find the most appropriate accounting software that satisfies all their business needs. The accounting software must be user-friendly and affordable at the same time.

Accounting software helps the tax consultants and other business officials in keeping the data organized with relevant information. Opting the best accounting software for your business deals is quite a tedious task as it requires some research from your side. You need to specify the kind of functions and features you want in your software.

However, currently, a lot of accounting software, such as Zintego, are available to reduce the complex organization of information. If you want to understand the financial management of your business with perfection, then click here to get some top-notch features.

Some of the top-rated accounting software with smooth and efficient functions are listed below:

1. Tally

Tally ERP 9 is accounting software; currently, one of the highest-rated software and is considered to be a market leader in the area of accounting software for business. The interface of this software is very user-friendly and is suitable for accounting, sales, purchase, inventory and payroll for an organization.

It is also effective in calculating GST related deals. It minimizes the chance of rejection of GST submitted by you. All the errors in your data will be detected and corrected immediately on the software to reduce further chaos. The in-built correction feature makes the process quicker and error-free.

2. Profitbooks

It is a cloud accounting software particularly engineered for compact businesses. This cloud accounting software is responsible for creating invoices, tracking expenses, etc. It helps you in managing inventory and saves you a lot of time and helps you in managing finances efficiently.

The purchase records are maintained precisely with the allocation of inventory to the right warehouse. You can get detailed tax reports and inventory cycles with specific tracking of online payments and receivables. Its main highlight is that you can access the information from anywhere as its cloud-based software and thus provide mobility.

3. Busy

The busy accounting software is an integrated business accounting software which provides accounting management, purchase, sales, CST, VAT, and payrolls. It also helps in managing multi-location inventory. Globally, spread or large-scale business can use this accounting software for incomparable results and better control over the business’s finance department.

The multi-currency feature and user-configurable invoicing are very useful, which makes account management a lot easier. Three editions are available of this solution, that is, Basic, Standard and Enterprise.

4. Zoho books

It is very user-friendly accounting software which helps in sending professional invoices to clients. Click here to learn about invoice templates should you want to customize your invoices. This software makes sure that online payments are being collected quickly. Each detail of any expense or bills is tracked quickly. It also categorizes expenditures in real-time to keep a check on the cash outflow of any company.

You can easily connect this accounting software to your bank account and get all the statements quickly. It focuses more on on-time tracking and reconciliation.

5. Mprofit

It is great accounting software, as well as portfolio management system for all the investors, traders, family offices, advisors, CAs and corporates. It allows automatic posting of entries and each entry can be easily tracked precisely. The user can also add up the bank statements with this software to ensure accurate update of bank and cash accounts easily.


Accounting software is a must-have as it helps in maintaining the business’s financial health. This accounting software is used to verify invoices, track expenses and generate a variety of reports and more. There are a ton of financial software solutions available in the market with a wide variety of services.

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