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Top-5 FinTech Software Development Companies 2022

The field of Fintech software development has been actively developing in recent years. New companies appear, offering new products for financial organizations, which improve their quality of work.

What is Fintech Software?

Fintech represents integrated solutions in the field of finance and technology. Such solutions allow financial organizations to significantly optimize their processes, provide high-level service and reduce costs. Such solutions are also indispensable when it comes to data security.

FinTech simplifies the tasks of the administrative staff of an organization. Thanks to solutions in this sphere, managers can effectively control financial transactions and internal processes in a company. The technological part consists of multilevel algorithms and tools.

financial software solutions

Fintech Innovations and Their Implementation

Digital solutions are used in the following areas of the financial sector:

  • Payment transaction processing;
  • In banking;
  • In the field of credit;
  • Investment projects;
  • Consumer lending.

Banks and other financial institutions

In its early days, FinTech was only used in the server processes of financial institutions. Today’s markets are forcing banks to focus on customers. Consequently, FinTech is expanding its familiar meaning to include more and more areas in the field. Technology now extends to fundraising, investment, retail banking and customer communication.

Today’s FinTech solutions cover the sphere of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

B2B sphere

Fintech innovations in business solve a variety of problems. They create convenience for all parties. In commerce, they help speed up payments. It is possible to use blockchain solutions and other alternative payment methods. It is equally important to ensure smooth payments.

The use of electronic money, bank card applications, and electronic wallets is available through Fintech industry solutions. You can also use these solutions to automate the process of communicating with customers and expand your base with new clients. All these processes are cheap and take minimal time.

B2C sphere

B2C Fintech solutions are based on the buy now, pay later principle. In addition, Fintech is useful for interacting with bank cards, for using mobile applications for payments, managing personal finances, and even for making money.

Importance of Fintech Software Companies

Fintech programs developed by companies specializing in this field optimize many of the organization’s processes, which require a lot of effort and time. Thanks to the resources freed up, the company can redirect its potential in other directions. For example, it can improve its service or product. They also save employees time on routine tasks, whether it’s human resources or customer service.

Who are Fintech Software Companies?

A fintech company is a team of developers or a company that develops software solutions in finance. Such companies should have broad knowledge not only in the field of programming. They must have excellent knowledge of the financial market, must know well the needs of financial market clients, their psychological characteristics, habits and desires. Nowadays there are a lot of such companies, we will consider the 5 best ones.

top fintech software development companies

1. Brights

Brights is one of the leaders of fintech software development companies . The company is engaged in developments in the field of crypto-investments, B2B services, payment systems, electronic payment systems and banking. Location – Ukraine. There are more than 100 specialists in the staff. To date, the company has developed and launched more than 350 products.

2. Altoros

The main activities of the company are Big Data and Platform-as-a-Service, Cloud Foundry, Hadoop. The number of employees is more than 250 people. The core of the staff consists of experienced experts in the field of programming and finance. The company has been a member of Belarus Hi-Tech Park since 2008.

3. Saritasa

The company has several offices in cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, New York and Chicago. It specializes in the development of software products in the field of payment systems, blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobile banking and machine learning. The company regularly wins awards in its field. Major clients: Microsoft, Amazon, Microchip, Medium One, etc.

4. Praxent

The office is located in Texas. The number of employees ranges from 50 to 250 people. The company specializes in the development of integrated business solutions. Predominantly clients are insurance and credit sectors. Major clients of the company: Dimensional Fund Advisors, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, Amherst Holdings, Norcal Mutual.

5. Sidebench

The company’s office is located in California. The number of employees ranges from 250 to 500 people. the company is one of the leaders in the field of UX design and financial solutions. In addition to highly qualified programmers, the staff also includes strong financial analysts, engineers and digital strategists groups. The company’s clients include Facebook, Sony, Microsoft.


The financial sector has already made its vector of development and it is closely connected with technology. Soon, developers intend to actively implement the latest trends based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to such innovations, financial institutions can compete fairly and improve their position on the market.


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