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The Best Classroom Additions To Promote Creative Learning

Creative learning is substantially different from traditional learning styles. Mainly, creative learning does not involve the action of memorizing information. But rather, it’s a way of developing knowledge and building relevant skills without dictating exactly how students should absorb knowledge.

Creative education enables students to take control of how they learn, while educators provide guidance throughout the process, thus improving the overall academic performance of schools.

When educators promote creative learning styles, students enjoy various benefits like more freedom in the classroom. But beyond this, a creative classroom environment also brings about a set of unique advantages. Just some of these include the promotion of critical thinking, reduction in stress and anxiety, entitlement to pride and accomplishment for students, and so much more.

And when it comes to creating a vibrant and creative classroom environment for your students, we’ve listed the best classroom additions to help you achieve this worthwhile goal.


Easels are one of the best tools to add to your classroom to promote creative expression. You can make a functional art center within your classroom with a few classroom easels, an area rug, and some art supply bins.

Your students can also do more with easels than painting artworks and posters; they can compile mind maps, draw flow charts, and practice other creative learning styles.

Best Classroom Additions To Promote Creative Learning

Flexible Seating

Flexible seating is an excellent idea for your classroom. Instead of regular boring benches that can’t support posture, consider balance balls, bean bags, floor chairs, or wobble stools; these are all suitable flexible seating options.

This type of seating is a positive change that can help create a creative classroom environment by adjusting students’ comfort and interior appeal levels.

Background Music

Next to fine art painting, music is another obvious outlet for creative expression. Research also proves that listening to music during our study sessions is an excellent idea because music can enhance focus and concentration. Beyond this, music can also positively influence mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen memory.

But even so, it’s imperative to choose suitable genres. According to science, top genre choices are classical compilations, modern electronic, nature tunes, and instrumental ambient sounds.

Tech In The Classroom

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic left many schools shuttered, online learning has taken off. With this, most schools have already implemented online learning.

This leaves educators with the opportunity to start encouraging the use of tech in the classroom. Modern students are more likely to engage with technology, while collaboration is easier.

A simple clicker for powerpoint presentations is a good tech addition that allows students to actively participate in class by answering questions and providing feedback, keeping them engaged and involved in the lesson. Clickers add an element of fun and interactivity to lessons, making them more enjoyable for students.

But beyond creative learning styles and enhancing student engagement, welcoming tech into the classroom also helps prepare students for the future; it’s essential to know how to use technology in today’s tech-savvy world.

But beyond creative learning styles and enhancing student engagement, welcoming tech into the classroom also helps prepare students for the future; it’s essential to know how to use technology in today’s tech-savvy world.

creative classroom environment

Educational Posters

Educational posters are not news to educators; these informative wall decorations have been around for ages.

There are tons of different educational posters, so be sure to choose a variety of age-appropriate posters. Moreover, it’s important to avoid displaying too many posters, as this will create visual clutter.

Art Supply Bins

With the right supplies, creative minds can genuinely run wild. Get a few storage bins and fill these with various art and craft supplies. Remember, it’s vital to maintain organization in the classroom, so be sure to purchase enough storage bins.

A few art and craft supply ideas are color pencils, wax crayons, oil pastels, brushes and acrylic paint, felt-tip markers, and finger paint. You can fill the storage containers with various supplies suitable for your students’ age group. For higher levels, supplies for epoxy resin art classes can also be included.

Comfortable Flooring

There are a few options for classroom flooring. While you can leave the floors bare, this won’t promote the comfort an inspiring environment needs.

Consider a large area rug, number floor mats, puzzle flooring, or alphabet rugs. These are suitable flooring options for early and intermediate learning environments, while area rugs are more suitable for older age groups.

A Reward Board

While you might be thinking a reward board doesn’t fit into the schooling reward system of today, you can use a reward board and give each student individual recognition where relevant. There’s no need to leave any student out; each student has unique strengths worthy of acknowledgment.

A reward board can be made from any whiteboard. You can find easy-to-follow DIY tutorials and personalize your decorations as well. Otherwise, you can also purchase a ready-made reward board.

There are tons of ways to promote creative learning in your classroom. But because the environment has such a major influence on student performance, it’s best to focus on adjusting and improving the classroom environment.

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