Measuring the academic performance of schools globally

Why It Is Important To Measure The Academic Performance Of Schools Globally

Having a global standard for all schools no matter where they are situated is important to ensure students get the best possible learning experience. This allows all students to receive a certain standard of education that is not reliant on geography, race, culture, or economic conditions.

It’s crucial to measure school academic performance by using standardized tests that are identical for all participating schools around the globe.

Here are the most relevant reasons why it’s important to measure the academic performance of schools globally.

1. It Offers Students Everywhere The Best Standard Of Education

Before standardized testing was introduced, there were huge gaps in the standard of education offered to students around the world, especially in relation to where they were located.

In general, students in developing countries were not able to access the high standard of education that was readily available to students in developed countries. This meant that these students were at a disadvantage when it came to the level of education that they had access to.

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The introduction of standardized testing helped to level the playing field as the performance of schools right around the world was compared and evaluated. In turn, this then encouraged schools that were not performing well to restructure their curriculum and ultimately provide their students with a level of education that was comparable to schools on the other side of the world.

2. Students From Around The World Have Similar Opportunities

When the standard of education is uniform around the world, students have access to the same opportunities once they finish their education and leave school. Measuring the academic performance of different schools in different countries, allows educators to offer a better level of education that is in line with other schools around the globe.

This effectively means that students from developing countries can achieve the same level of academic performance as those from highly developed countries. Ultimately, this will allow these students to live and work anywhere in the world in their chosen profession because their level of education is in line with their overseas counterparts

Measuring the academic performance of schools globally.

3. It Allows The Educational Standards To Constantly Improve

Measuring academic performance globally brings with it a certain amount of competitiveness as schools strive to increase their performance on a global scale. This means that the standard of education needs to go through a constant improvement process in order for each school to receive the best results.

At the end of the day, this can only be good news for students as they continue to receive higher standards of education.

School teachers also benefit from this constant improvement as they are furnished with better tools and skills to teach their students more proficiently.


Measuring the academic performance of schools globally is important because it gives students all around the world the benefit of the best level of education possible. In turn, these students will then be better equipped to enter their chosen profession with the same levels of proficiency as their counterparts from other parts of the world.

Salman Zafar

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