facing an academic dismissal in united states

Facing An Academic Dismissal In The United States? Here’s What You Should Know!

Graduating from reputed higher educational institutions is a dream for many students. But, that is not easy. Despite working very hard, sometimes students find themselves falling short of their school standards.

In such a case, students face academic dismissal. It practically ends their dream of earning a college degree. However, the school’s decision can be appealed.

An academic dismissal lawyer can strengthen your appeal and help revoke the dismissal.

What Do You Need To Know About Academic Dismissal?

When a student fails to show academic progress on lines expected by the school, they are given a dismissal. It means that they can no longer continue their course at school.

The students can appeal against the school’s decision. Each school has its criteria regarding the appeal process in terms of form, deadlines, and grounds of appeal.

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The majority of schools consider an appeal on two major grounds. What are they?

  1. The first one is on the ground of factual error. This is resorted to when the student has a reason to believe that his poor academic progress is due to an administrative error. For example, an incorrectly awarded grade in the examination.
  2. The second one is the ground of extenuating circumstances. It is based on the argument that the student’s academic progress has been derailed by some unexpected incident. Reasons like mental health issues, financial issues, and family emergencies are considered under this.

A student can succeed in his appeal when he convinces the school to relook at the dismissal in the light of prevailing circumstances.

How Can An Academic Dismissal Lawyer Help You?

An attorney specializing in the field of academic dismissals has the required domain knowledge about the complex administrative regulations, constitutional law, school procedures, and the academic atmosphere. It makes his/her legal counsel valuable to a distressed student.

facing an academic dismissal in united states

Further, a wide experience in securing successful appeals can become useful in advising the student on the appropriate grounds of appeal. It strengthens the case in favor of the student.

Finally, an academic dismissal lawyer offers a rare insight into academic procedures, not known to general attorneys. The student’s career is given central importance in negotiating the appeal.


A successful appeal against an academic dismissal gives the students another chance to pursue their education. Therefore, an academic dismissal lawyer becomes essential for the affected students to reclaim their suspended academic pursuits.

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