7 Top Ways To Adopt An Eco-Friendly Business Model

Making the switch to an eco-friendly business model could be one of the best things you do. Not only does it make your business more attractive to people who are looking for eco-friendly businesses to work with, it will help you to save money and reduce your impact on the planet. There are all kinds of benefits to making the switch to a more eco-friendly business model.

Below are some points you can begin using almost right away:

1. Encourage Carpooling

Start by encouraging carpooling throughout the workforce, as this can reduce emissions and the impact on the environment. You could even encourage employees to work or cycle to work if possible, offering them incentives for doing so.

Carpooling is a great way to reduce your travel-related carbon footprint

2. Allow The Flexibility To Work From Home

Giving your employees more flexibility, especially the flexibility to work from home if they need to is essential. You’ll gain their trust, bust morale and motivation, and you’ll be kinder to the environment all at the same time. You’ll also reduce your own overhead costs! It may not be possible for certain businesses, but many businesses would be able to introduce something like this if they tried.

Flexibility to work from home will be kinder for the environment

3. Work With Eco Friendly Suppliers and Companies

Look for other eco friendly suppliers and companies that you can work with. This doubles the positive change that you’re working towards! Whether you’re looking for oil water separators or a company to supply your office furniture, make sure you search for companies who care about the environment like you do. It’ll make all the difference.

4. Start Using Recycled Items

Start using recycled items in the workplace. Use recycled furniture, recycled paper, recycled packaging – if something can be recycled, then look for it and see if you can use it.

Recycling transforms an old item into a new one.

5. Shop Second-Hand

Stop buying brand new items for business unless you absolutely have to. More often than not you’ll be able to find second-hand items that are much cheaper and just as good as brand new items. You’ll save a lot of money and you’ll be doing the environment a favor.

6. Get Serious About Electricity Usage

Start getting a bit more vigilant about electricity and energy and how it’s used in your workplace. For instance, make sure that everybody turns off their computers and other equipment at the end of the day, that the lights are switched off, and that you do these things without fail. Put up notices so that you and your team members don’t forget.

7. Make Sure the Whole Team is On The Same Page

Ensure that the whole team know what you’re trying to do and that everybody is on the same page about it. You don’t want to be like a police officer in the workplace, but you do want everybody to know how important this is and ensure they’re following through with the new eco-friendly business practices.

Are you ready to make the switch to a more eco-friendly business model? Leave any tips of your own that you have below. Thanks for reading!

Salman Zafar

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