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How to Find the Right South Carolina Solar Installers: A Guide

Did you know that South Carolina is ranked 11th when it comes to solar friendliness in the US? More solar panels are installed in the Palmetto State than in 38 other states in the country.

There are a few reasons that make some states better than others for solar power. Access to continuous sunshine is one of the most important factors, which South Carolina has plenty of. But it’s not the only one.

There are local policies, regulations, and incentives that make installing solar power quite enticing. And South Carolina solar installers can help you understand all of the benefits of solar energy, regardless of what part of the state you live in.

Are you interested in the benefits of South Carolina solar? Then keep reading to learn how to discover the best solar installers in your area.

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Choosing a solar installer is a big decision. There are many to choose from, some of which manufacture their own panels, some of which only install panels provided by various manufacturers.

Your first step is to look up all the installers that service your area. Usually, solar installers are willing to drive a considerable distance to complete an installation. But they can’t quite cover the entire state.

A solar installation company based in Columbia will be able to service the 900,000 people in the greater Columbia region. But if you’re in Greenville, you’ll want to find a more localized provider, that can visit your property and provide a free quote.

Luckily, some of the larger installers will have teams across the state, making it easy to find one near you.

Upfront Costs

The biggest hurdle for homeowners looking to add solar panels to their property is the upfront cost. It can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for most residential installations.

There are tax incentives to make this easier. But you’ll still need plenty of cash upfront.

However, there are some installers that don’t require any upfront payments. You can have panels installed, and set up a monthly payment plan, making it much more manageable to get solar today, rather than waiting a few more years.

Get Multiple Quotes

Every solar installer is different. And they will usually offer different types of panels, depending on how much or little you want to spend.

Higher-quality panels will be more efficient, helping to produce more electricity per square foot. This can greatly reduce, or totally eliminate your electricity bill.

When you receive a quote, make sure you receive multiple options from the installer. Better yet, get quotes from multiple providers, so you can thoroughly compare your options, ensuring you get the most efficient setup for the money you are spending.

Ongoing Service

The beauty of solar panels is that after a professional installation, very little maintenance is required to keep them working properly. However, it can help to have an annual checkup, cleaning, and service. Some companies will include this for free or offer it for a modest fee.

south carolina solar installers

The Right South Carolina Solar Installers

Ultimately, the best South Carolina solar installers are the ones that offer service to your area, provide you with a free quote, and make you feel good about your decision to go solar. They provide flexible payment options, to ensure anyone can get the solar panels they long for today.

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