How to Get Your iPhone XR Unlocked

Getting your iPhone XR unlocked is possible! It’s true. Gone are the days of being carrier restricted!  If you love your iPhone XR but hate your carrier, NOW is the time to get your iPhone XR unlocked! The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act has made it completely legal in the United States.

iPhone XR Unlocked Capabilities

With this powerful network unlock, you will be free to use any SIM. That said, you can enjoy the easy steps it takes to unlock your device from home. The best part about it is that they use the exact same unlocking method that the service provider would use. This means there is no risk of voiding your warranty or damaging your iPhone XR.

Finding the Right Service for iPhone XR Unlocked

With CellUnlocker, they offer 24/7 live support. They also offer the lowest price guarantee, so they will match or beat any competitor’s price. You can save on roaming fees with the freedom of using any SIM you choose if you get your iPhone XR unlocked!

It’s important to note, there is also a 100% money-back guarantee and they can unlock devices that won’t be unlocked by the carrier.

Concerns for getting an iPhone XR Unlocked

Many buyers of second-hand devices realize their new phone is locked due to the previous owners’ unpaid bill – unfair to say the least. It can still be unlocked. Another important factor to consider in getting your iPhone XR unlocked is that it’s unlocked permanently. No relocking. All of this possible as long as it’s not blacklisted or reported lost or stolen.


After you get your iPhone XR unlocked, all GSM carriers from around the globe are open to you. The most popular being T-mobile and AT&T.

The Process for Getting Your iPhone XR Unlocked

To get your iPhone XR unlocked, the process is simple. There are only 4 simple steps to no longer live restricted. Simply, fill out an unlock form. Then, wait to receive a system email that states your iPhone XR unlocked code is ready. If your carrier is not listed, CellUnlocker offers its own SIM cards.

This paid service is available and quick. Just so long as you know who your current provider is, you will get your iPhone XR unlocked. Once it’s officially unlocked on Apple servers, it is permanently unlocked despite updating the system or even factory resetting your iPhone XR.

Freedom to Choose Where You Go With Your iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is a good phone, with excellent hardware and software. This is what Apple is famous for. When you have your iPhone XR unlocked, you are free to choose any carrier, which can seriously help out in a pinch. If your carrier is overcharging or your service from them just sucks, then it is time to get your iPhone XR unlocked. For those who need an unlocked phone, breaking carrier restrictions offers flexibility to switch carriers, access international networks, and enjoy better deals without limitations.

Some features of the iPhone XR include dual-SIM support- one nano-SIM and one eSIM. So once you’ve gone through this process, you can choose from two great carrier networks.

Why Getting Your iPhone XR Unlocked Matters

You don’t have to be “schooled” in all things portable to understand anything about smartphones, but you should want to discover phone unlocking. It influences just about anything you want to do with your iPhone beyond the day to day usage.

Unlocking matters when you buy a used iPhone XR, are going to be abroad, or are switching carriers.

Quick Facts About Your iPhone XR Unlocked

  • An unlocked iPhone XR can be used on just about any wireless carrier you choose.
  • The whole point of phone locks is making sure you don’t switch carriers. This process will correct that.
  • The unlocked or locked status inevitably boils down to software. Technology has made it possible to have your iPhone XR unlocked.
  • The locking capability is built-in software on the phone. If the lock is enabled, it was requested by the wireless carrier. It is then used to restrict it to that carrier.

No Longer Tied Down With Your iPhone XR Unlocked!

Network carriers prefer to keep you tied to their service. Cellphone locks ensure you can’t choose this carrier switch. Break those chains and get your iPhone XR unlocked.

The locks on the phones are growing in importance to the carriers. When you sign a 2-year contract, they expect you to stick it out with them before getting your iPhone XR unlocked. They want to be assured that you will fully repay them before you wander away to another service provider.

Thus, there is a struggle between the service provider and the user. It’s not a pretty picture.

The Benefits of an iPhone XR Unlocked

The most beneficial reason in getting your iPhone XR unlocked is the increase in the number of carriers you can choose.

Unlocked phones do NOT come with long-term carrier contracts anymore. Switching carriers when you see they fit the bill sounds like a great deal.

Once you have your iPhone XR unlocked, you will discover that used-phone buyers will pay more for an unlocked device -increasing the value by up to 30%.

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