ways to make art an occupation

Yes, Art Is An Occupation – How Can You Make Art Your Occupation

There was a time when if you told anyone that you were an artist, they would rather do a few of these things.

  • Dismiss the whole idea of saying there is no such occupation. (if they are really rude ones)
  • They would appreciate the side hustle and then give you advice on finding a real occupation. (the one who is more considerate), and
  • There will be this group of people who will say nothing, but their looks will tell you how wholeheartedly they are judging you.

However, these are changing times, and people are much more accepting of the idea of artists. Plus, this is an era where people are living for themselves and not to please others.

Thus, if you are another phenomenal artist or illustrator who is planning on having a full-time career out of this, then we might have some solution for you.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing all the different career options you can go for as an artist.

Artist Vs. Illustrator

Now, what is the exact difference between an artist and an illustrator? In reality, there isn’t any. If we are talking about an artist who works with the digital medium, then they become an artist.

Yes, some things get easier for an illustrator. For example, getting that perfect color for the purpose of completing their artwork. However, when it comes to acquiring the skill, both artists have to put in the same amount of hard work and dedication.

Yes, a beginner illustrator who is just embarking upon this beautiful art might need the help of some high-end software. We can understand how affordability could be an issue, so we are giving you a better option.

how to start art studio business

You can start downloading all these applications from The PirateBay. This is a decentralized domain from where you can get all the best illustration software for free.

Yes, you heard that right, it is all for free!

Occupations For That Inner Artist

Here are the best occupations as of 2022 for that inner artist. If you persist, you are looking at a bright future.

1. Wall Artist

This is a brand new occupation that has been rising lately. It is all about beautifying the interiors. Lately, after remote working became a big deal, the bland interiors of a house became more prominent, and in order to work better, people started calling for wall artists.

Now, we are also seeing many corporate companies call for these artists and liven the corporate space as well. It is no longer about monotonous cubicles anymore. So, if your talent can hop from paper to a wall, you should opt for this career option.

2. Vinyl Store Owner

Vinyl stores were enjoying some popularity at the time. Gone are the days of expensive gifts; now, people are more interested in giving personalized gifts. Something more tangible that will help them remember the giver.

So, you can open an online vinyl store and make it reach new heights. However, this is a business that will need other investments like printers and inks, but with good work, it can cross the geographical borders.

3. Infographic Illustrator

Infographic illustrators are in high demand right now. The attention span of every audience over the internet is shortening with time. Thus, people now understand the power of infographics.

This is why every company needs an illustrator for their artwork right now. It is about getting the message drilled inside your audience’s minds and making them stop scrolling. Only a good illustrator with a creative mind will be able to get that done.

4. TikTok

If you like the camera and the social media life, then becoming an art influencer could be a great option. There is no better platform to start with other than TikTok. Tik Tok is that one platform where a few seconds of fame can take your art career to new dimensions.

If you learn social media influence and engage your audience, your art will flourish because when it comes to the real talent, you are already maxed out!

5. Online Art Store

Your online art store is something that you will cherish forever. Yes, it is not something that will be brandished in the very first year, but now people are obsessed with aesthetics and decorating their house accordingly; they will fall in love with your pieces.

ways to make art an occupation

Just give them a few of those dark academia pieces or cottagecore delights, and they will be happy to ornament their mantles with your masterpieces.

Unleash The Artist!

It is high time that you stop following the ‘societal’ rules and what they deem to be the right occupation. It is finally time to unleash the artists and earn your living out of it.

No one is saying that it will be easy, but with the right perseverance, you will be able to persist.

Salman Zafar

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