working of HEPA filtration system

How to Eliminate 99.7% of Pathogens Through HEPA Air Scrubbing System?

Are you planning on some heavy-duty cleaning? Surface level dusting and cleaning do not help eliminate the dirt and dust. Upholstery, sofa, carpets, chair, desks etc., accumulate pathogens and contaminants, causing numerous airborne diseases. Robust air scrubbers are the solution for eliminating nearly 99.7% of viruses, bacteria, dust etc., from the air.

HEPA filtering system consists of a pre-filter that helps trap large dust particles and helps in efficiently removing molecular-level contaminants. It is indeed one of the best commercial cleaning equipment offering a higher degree of air purification at affordable rates.


Working Mechanism of HEPA Filtration System

The Hepa 500 air scrubber is a compact, portable air filtration system that helps remove airborne contaminants like mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and debris particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is equipped with air filters designed as per industrial airflow standards. The portable device has 500 CFM of clean HEPA-filtered air for perfectly scrubbing dust, mold spores, pollen etc., from the air.

The adjustable speed of the scrubbers helps improve indoor air quality through effective filtration. As it helps remove impurities and traps small particles, it makes the indoors safe for people with dust allergies or respiratory conditions.

Types of High Filtration Air Scrubbers

Depending on the requirement, you can opt for any of the two variants of the product:

1. Portable air scrubbers

These are small, compact, portable devices that are easy to move around and use. It is suitable for cleaning homes or offices and preventing lingering contaminants in the air. These are not permanently fixed to the HVAC or any other system. However, these can be fixed to large industrial exhaust tubes for trapping contaminants before air is released outdoors.

2. Integrated air scrubbers

These are fixed types that are majorly installed in the HVAC system. It plays a strong role in constantly purifying the air and ensuring the indoors are clean. As these are integrated into the central conditioning system’s ducts, it helps purify the air.

The HEPA filter is a primary filter in the system that successfully removes particular matter from vapour molecules, toxins from gases, and contaminants from the air. Using an additional carbon filter eliminates the airborne pollutants and prevents them from penetrating indoors.

working of HEPA filtration system

Improve indoor hygiene with the help of air scrubbers

Dust, airborne disease, or allergic reactions are common in spaces with poor indoor hygiene. This makes it crucial to clean the indoors through advanced and innovative cleaning equipment. Air scrubbing devices are tools that help in improving the indoor air quality due to the following reasons:

  • Indoor air is often polluted by contaminants that are invisible to the eye. As the contaminated air enters the indoor environment, it causes numerous respiratory conditions and worsens symptoms of respiratory diseases. The air scrubbing tool with HEPA filters works as an air purifier by trapping the contaminants.
  • It helps in clearing of toxic gases as well as chemical fumes. One of the toxic human-made toxic gas is carbon monoxide. Also, there are fumes released from several household items. Hence, air purifiers trap fumes and toxic gases to enhance the air quality.
  • It helps eliminate numerous airborne toxins like asbestos, chromium, cadmium, mercury etc.
  • Air scrubbers are highly efficient in trapping mold spores contributing to air pollution. It helps trap dust mites and large particles like pollen, pet dander, hair, etc., for filtering the air.

Summing up

Your indoor space might be contaminated but not readily visible to naked eyes. However, using a scrubber to clean the indoor space even once a week brings tremendous change to indoor air quality. Getting rid of airborne pathogens like mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and other germs is an effective way to lead a healthy life.

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