tips for carpet protection during home construction

How To Keep Your Carpet Protected During a Home Construction

Flooring products are considered as an additional investment to properties, like carpets for example. Carpets provide insulation on your flooring, giving a feeling of comfort. It is part of your interior that keeps your house clean and presentable while adding to the whole decor of your home through its colors, shapes, and patterns.

When you use carpet as the primary flooring for your home, it can be vulnerable to dirt, damage, and other minor accidents that may spoil it along the way. Carpets can be hectic to maintain, especially when you have heavy home activities, such as construction. So how can you protect your carpet from the threats brought by construction tasks? There are a lot of tips on how you can keep your carpet from getting spoiled and damaged during home construction, but here are our takes on how to do it properly:

1. Provide Shoe Covers For The Workers

Most construction workers wear heavy boots to protect their feet from accidents prone to their nature of work. These boots tend to have spiky or heavily-textured soles, and you would want to prevent those soles from walking multiple times on your carpet if you want to avoid damage.

The best way to protect your carpet from their boots is to provide shoe covers to the workers. Some construction workers have their shoe covers, and some don’t. Shoe covers will act as protective layers to the workers’ shoes, limiting the ‘feel’ of their sole textures on your carpet.

How To Protect Carpet During Home Construction

Shoe covers are also relatively cheap and easy to find, so having stock at your home can ready you for any kind of visitor.

2. Spread Floor Runners

A floor runner is a strip of rug that runs along the same length as your floor to protect the area where you will place the floor runner on. A floor runner is very useful to protect carpet during construction, as it creates a pathway for the workers, so if they will be walking with wet or dirty shoes inside your house, they will not be stepping on your carpet, but on the floor runner instead.

If you already have a floor runner, you do not need to get shoe covers as this can already do the job to prevent dirty and wet shoes from stepping all over your carpet. Although having both can ensure that your carpet will be kept safe and clean during construction and other similar activities.

If you do not have both shoe covers and floor runners, you can always find other temporary floor coverings as alternatives, and our best pick is cardboards. Cardboards are sturdy and firm, creating the perfect instrument to use as a temporary floor covering or protector in case the need arises.

3. Apply A Protection Film On Your Carpet

To add more layers of protection to your carpet, apply a protection film. Carpet protection films are easy to apply to any type of carpet, and it remains in place for weeks, keeping your carpet protected for a long period. It makes your carpet tear and puncture-resistant, so if you will be having construction inside the house, apply a carpet protection film the day before the workers arrive to prevent your carpet from being exposed to damages.

4. Protect Your Carpet From Staining

Be wary of the tools workers use, as some of their materials can cause damage to your flooring when exposed to several conditions, like a red rosin paper.

tips for carpet protection during home construction

Workers typically use heavy-duty felt paper to cover the floor of their work area to avoid spills and scratches from occurring. This type of felt paper is composed of chemicals, and if exposed to direct sunlight and moisture, it can leave stains on flooring made from hardwood. Even if it’s a hardwood that gets stained the most, your carpet is still not safe from acquiring these stains, especially on long exposure.

So if you will be having a heavy-duty construction inside your house that will involve the use of paints and other chemicals, make sure to pick a protective covering over your carpet that is absorbent enough to stop any kind of liquid from seeping.


Sometimes it might slip your mind to take good care of your carpet, and it’s okay. As long as you do not let your carpet get damaged from heavy-duty works like home construction, otherwise, it will be a hell of damage.

Remember that any type of expensive flooring product can be seen as an investment to enhance the quality of your property, so if you have carpet floorings, better take care of them. Maintaining cleanliness and ventilation during construction can also prevent damaging your carpet, so always clean your rugs religiously whenever you see dirt piling to one or more sides.

One more thing to keep in mind every time you think that you’re unnecessarily fussing over your carpet is that it’s more costly to spend on repairs and replacement than on tools that can help you protect your carpet during activities that may strain and spoil it.

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  1. Nice article , carpets are generally tougher to maintain than other floor types. But howver these ahcks can save a lot of time and effort while cleaning

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