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7 Tips to Protect Your Carpet from Wear and Tear

When carpets look beautiful and cozy, they tend to get dirty quickly. They resemble sponge, which absorbs all types of dirt, making it challenging to clean. What makes it worse is when your favorite carpet starts tearing and wearing. When walking in your house, you will realize you have a pattern that you use over and over again. This walking pattern leads to some of your carpet parts getting extra traffic. This amount of traffic can lead to irreversible damage to your carpet. When the carpet fibers wear out, this allows dirt to dig further in the rug. This creates permanent damage and makes it challenging to clean.

Let’s outline the best ways to prevent damage on your carpet:

1. Cleaning the carpet regularly

Despite the efforts to ensure you keep your carpet intact, accidents do happen. When drinks spill or food pours on the carpet, ensure you do a thorough sweep and vacuum the area affected. If a stain remains, you can hire carpet cleaners brisbane to scrub the rug and do deep cleans targeting the fibers making it look new. It’s also advisable to incorporate carpet cleaners when doing deep cleaning on your carpet. Carpet cleaners efficiently target pollen, dust, and debris which make the carpet wear out and look dirty.

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2. Utilize carpet coatings

Some carpet manufacturers provide clients with coating products that assist the carpet in withstanding wear and tear. The coating is essential as it makes the carpet last longer. However, it’s crucial that you understand the layer won’t protect the carpet from all damaging factors and that it needs to be periodically reapplied.

3. Avoid dragging heavy and sharp items on carpet

Dragging heavy objects on the carpet, especially when relocating, poses a significant risk. The carpet can quickly get damaged. When rearranging furniture or adding new items in the house, it’s wise to use canvas tarp or a drop cloth covering to safeguard the carpet as you move heavy objects.

4. Change air conditioner and furnace filters regularly

The filters in your air conditioner and furnace function to keep dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris from your home. When the filters are not changed, their functionality deteriorates. They cease to function efficiently, and the dirt gets trapped in the carpet fibers.

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Replacing the filters will prevent your carpet from wearing and tearing. Additionally, your family will remain healthy. Most carpet professionals recommend that furnace and air conditioners be changed after a few months. But, if you have pets and smoke, you will need to replace it every two months.

5. Apply coasters under your furniture

Heavy furniture can cause your carpet to tear and wear. It smashes the carpet fibers making them become flatter, leaving irreversible damage. It may not seem like a big deal when the carpet or furniture is new. However, when you want to rearrange furniture, you will realize ugly marks on your favorite carpet. This may instantly ruin your plans. You can prevent this menace by utilizing coasters. These items are placed under heavy furniture preventing damage on the carpet.

6. Utilize rugs in high traffic areas

You can ensure that your favorite carpet never wears out by protecting it using rugs. Rugs can be strategically placed where there is high-traffic. Look for durable rugs that will be able to withstand quick wear and tear. Rugs are not expensive, so don’t risk damaging your favorite carpet over a few affordable rugs.

Additionally, rugs are effortless to clean compared to carpets. You can shake the rugs to get rid of dirt and dust. Once in a while, you can get them to be professionally cleaned.

7. Teach pets to keep off the carpet

We all love pets, but they can pose a considerable risk when it comes to carpets. Pets can cause accidents. Curious kittens and puppies may chew or scratch the carpet fibers. If you own pets, ensure they are correctly trained. Additionally, supervise them whenever they are playing on the carpet. If you are not confident that your pets will be able to maintain the discipline, permanently keep them off your carpet.

Regular maintenance of your carpet is the ultimate way to keep it looking new and fresh. This way, your room will feel more comfortable and add to its feel, design, and look.

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