All About Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

All About Luxury Addiction Treatment Centers

Luxury rehabs are, as you can guess, high-end, upscale facilities that deliver high-quality addiction-related treatment to people suffering from addiction and even mental disorders. The goal is to ensure comfort and success of therapy while also keeping the identity of the residents confidential.

These facilities mimic resort-style living to ensure luxury. Almost all luxury rehabs offer evidence-based treatment programs like pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. They go the extra mile to meet the desires and needs of their guests who are often exclusive.

Treatments offered at Luxury Rehabs

1. Evaluation and Assessment

The treatment often begins with a proper assessment and evaluation to come up with the right diagnosis. Almost all the people battling SUD also tend to have a dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder). After coming up with an accurate diagnosis, treatment is begun.

2. Detoxification

Detox is generally the first step that involves medication. The idea is to clean the system by ridding it of any drugs so that other treatments can begin. Medication is useful to manage painful withdrawal and safely wean the person off of drugs and alcohol.

3. Medication

Medications are often used in conjunction with behavioral therapy to avoid relapses and address a patient’s overall needs. Common medications include buprenorphine and methadone to treat opioid dependence.

For alcohol dependence, acamprosate is used. Another common medication is naltrexone that treats opioid use disorders and alcohol abuse.

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4. Matrix Model

The Matrix Model uses trained therapists who engage with their patients much in the way a teacher does with a student. This kind of relationship aims to improve the patient’s level of confidence, self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth so that dependence on stimulants slowly fades away.

Studies tell us that the Matrix Model is highly successful in encouraging long-term recovery and discouraging drug abuse.

5. Contingency Management

This treatment model basically uses the principle of rewards and recognition for encouraging improvement. It essentially involves using some tangible reward or incentive every time the person hits the goal.

The incentives or vouchers can be redeemed for food, money, or movie passes. This type of treatment model appears to be highly successful among people who abuse cocaine and heroin. The rewards can also be in the form of improved relationships and overall quality of life.

6. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT mainly focuses on thinking patterns that are causing or fueling drug-seeking behavior and drug abuse. It encourages patients to be mindful and aware of their thoughts. It also teaches them ways to manage stressors, cravings, and triggers to avoid relapses.

By learning negative behavioral patterns, they can avoid and improve upon them.

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Clinical depression one of the most common mental health issues worldwide


7. Group Counseling

Common examples of group therapy often used in residential alcohol rehab centers are 12-step programs, AA, and NA. The goal is to get the individuals to meet, share their experience, their success, and their failures so that members can draw inspiration from one another to keep going and do better.

Amenities and Programs

Luxury rehabs are big on amenities. And, while each one is different, here are some of the commonest amenities you can expect at almost all of them –

  • Chef-preferred meals
  • Pools and patios
  • Outdoor scenery
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Fitness classes
  • Chiropractic services, acupuncture, and massage
  • Private rooms

Top Benefits of a Luxury Rehab

1. Expert Medical Staff

The staff at the best rehab centers go through intense training. The staff is generally highly professional, devoted, polite, and well-experienced in handling addiction recovery as well as a co-occurring disorder. The medical supervision is available 24/7 making it possible to achieve long-term success and recovery.

2. Tranquil, Peaceful Setting

Unlike a hospital-like setting that often stresses people out, luxury rehabs are often located in mountainous or beachy areas to create a tranquil setting. Being in the element of nature quiets the mind, nurtures the soul, and quickens recovery.

3. Entertainment

With amenities like chef-prepared food, yoga, and spa service; luxury rehabs make sure their residents never feel a lack of entertainment. Being in a resort-like setting where you get these high-end options can make a ton of positive difference to your treatment journey.

4. Privacy

Often celebs and white-collar professionals would like to keep their identity private. Many are conscious of the stigma that comes with going to rehab. Luxury rehabs are perfect for those seeking privacy related to their treatment as all their information is kept confidential. The employees are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that nothing about residents gets out.

Bottom Line

Luxury addiction treatment centers can indeed be rather expensive. But, if you want your recovery journey to be comfortable, luxe and if you can afford it, these rehabs are the way to go.

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