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We are an NYC moving company. Planning a flat move? Perhaps a local or distant move? If so, we recommend taking advantage of the comprehensive support of the Zeromax team. Our company will undertake the preparations for the move, our movers in NYC will deliver things to your desired address they will assist in their lifting of the items to the floor, unpacking, and finally, installation. At your service experienced movers and quick service, regardless of the time of treatment. Orders are accepted 24/7 and the equipment will be delivered within 15 minutes after you’ve negotiated the specifics.

Our Moving Services

Our moving companies from New York are only professionals who know their field well. We can also offer packaging material at wholesale rates. Customers who are regular customers can avail of our special discounts. Local moving services may be paid with cash or with a non-cash payment.

benefits of hiring a moving company

  1. Commercial Movers – A successful professional mover complete the job at a high level. They consider all the details. A specialist company is better than private movers. They may not do the job properly and even cause damage to your belongings. It is unlikely that you will be entitled to compensation in this instance. This is why it’s not worth the effort to employ commercial movers at a low cost.
  2. Local Movers – Local Movers are experienced in the area and are able to relocate. They are also aware of the layouts and layouts of the majority of houses and businesses within the region. Our professional movers are able to know what kind of packaging and other materials you’ll need and have a greater chance to have the consumables you require.
  3. Cheap boxes for moving – We employ professional movers and drivers, in addition to having an in-house production facility for packaging, so we can easily move even the most fragile items. Additionally, our company takes full responsibility for financial matters.
  4. Residential moving companies – If you employ the services of residential relocation provided by our company, then you’ll avoid all this hassle by paying for the services of craftsmen. In addition to packing, the business also offers installation and assembly for furniture and appliances.
  5. Storage Warehouses that are moving or production sites. Warehouse shelving is able to be removed or reassembled.
  6. Fine art moving – Family photos, small mirrors and accent pieces of art must be wrapped individually in newsprint and bubble wrap before being placed vertically in an empty cardboard box that is lined with bubble wrap or a foam pad.
  7. Cheap short distance movers – We’ll handle your distance relocation professionally and efficiently. Your entire staff will be packed carefully for distance transportation.
  8. Flat rate movers – Moving services at a flat rate are reserved for professional movers. Moving furniture and assembly as well as transport.

Moving Cost Calculator and Its Features

You need to be able to estimate the expense of moving your belongings to an apartment, cottage, or office. If the amount of work involved is low it is possible to estimate the cost of moving the property remotely. If the office space is able to accommodate 10 workers It is possible to estimate the moving cost remotely. The customer must prepare the information in advance for an accurate estimate when calling the transportation company.

There are many calculations involved during the process of moving, including cost estimates and mileage. The amount of space household items and furniture will be able to take up is an important factor to consider when moving. Knowing exactly the amount of square meters the items you have will help you avoid overpaying for the excess space inside the truck that you are moving in and also help you avoid a disastrous lack of space. Below, you can enter the dimensions of every item that you are planning to carry along as well as the fundamental dimensions. The calculator will show you how much square meter your items total. This figure can be used to aid you in making an informed decision regarding how you can pack and move your possessions.


Zeromax – What is the reason to choose it?

  • A free valuer’s visit to you to your preferred time,
  • We have vast experience in complicated removals.
  • All the time, supervision of the staff, transportation, and at all stages.
  • Personal
  • Only professionals can move. not street movers.
  • Property and finish,

Our highly trained staff, our in-house transportation, affordable prices, and many years of experience allow us to finish any move with ease, safety, and minimum stress. Our team of movers will make sure that your move to another apartment is safe and relaxing. Each order is assigned a sufficient number of movers to make sure the task can be completed in the best secure manner.

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