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Purple Tiles To Set The Calm Vibes: Design Ideas

Purple is the color of romance and calming vibes. Well, when it’s about purple tiles, then it’s hard to resist the dream look you will cherish day and night. Tiles are drawing much attention even in the 21st century. One can play with tiles to get a fabulous interior look. Let’s see how purple hue tiles can be designed in many ways.

A New Take on Subway Tile

Subway tiles are quite eye-catching, and if you want something extraordinary, they are an ideal choice. Purple subway tiles are perfect for designing your garden area or lounge rooms as they will render soothing vibes to the whole space. Time to switch off the classic white subway tiles.

Small Yet Vibrant Pops

Bathrooms are the happiest places where you not only get the shower done but give you the personal space that you always want. In addition, styling your bathroom with purple tiles will be the perfect decision that you can ever make. Maybe you don’t want your entire bathroom to be purple so incorporate it with small bold accents covering the whole space. This is something that will surely be new for you.

purple hue tiles

Astonishing Lighting

Lights catch the attention easily, and using lights in the purple room will add an extraordinarily fun element. Make sure to use some whimsical lightning to set the romantic aura inside your home.

Mix and Match Styles

The best part of the purple tiles is that they work well in a variety of design styles. From classic to contemporary styles and everything in between can be done with purple tiles. Just need a bit of creativity, and you will see the magic of purple color tiles.

Glass Tile That Shine

You can choose purple ceramic tiles with transparent glass tiles to get extra light to your kitchen and bathroom or wherever you want. This will look great in the spaces where there is less ventilation or having no window. The glimmer of glass tiles will take your guest’s eyes all on the wall.

Have a Vanity Space

Set your vanity room with not less than a celebrity feel. Compliment the space with dark purple with light purple and white tiles that take the pleasing look to the next level. It’s a great solution to the rooms which you feel are quite precious. For instance, for some people, a meditation room can act as a vanity space.

Not Always About Bold

 Who says that choosing purple to go for bold shade. You can use some different tones in purple, and the subtle one can be a classy choice to decorate your room. If you are someone who cherishes the soft and light shades, then subtle purple is good to go.

purple tiles for home

Complementary Colors

Have you ever heard about purple with yellow or purple with neon? No, then try out this time a super different combination that sends you a playful vibe.

Final Touch Up

Get some calming vibes with the purple wall tiles. However, it’s not the end of the list; you can think of other ways that suit your space.

Salman Zafar

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