5 Ways to Sell Your Home That Has Mold

So, you want to sell your home, but the mold is overwhelming, and this is bothering you? Worry not! Mold is generally found anywhere in a home as long as there is moisture. However, serious mold issues can affect the selling of your home in a great way. Some molds such as chartarum can cause a serious health problem. Trust me no homebuyer will come for your home with molds to risk their life while they can get a better home without molds. Molds will scare away potential buyers, and it is the last thing you want when you are ready to sell your home. Here are tips to selling your home that has mold.

1. Examine Your House Thoroughly

Selling a house with mold problems does not necessarily mean that you have to go through hell to make it market-worthy. If you do it right, it is pretty much easy.

mold infected home

The first step to deal with molds is by looking thoroughly over your home in areas where moisture tends to accumulate most. Identify areas where there is major water infiltration. Check any leaking roof or a flooded basement.

2. Make Repairs to Prevent More Growth

Once you have identified the causes of excess mold accumulation and their source, your next step is making repairs. Fix the leaks in the roof or gutters and make the areas as waterproof as possible.

This stops any sources of moisture in your home. Remove the damaged materials such as carpets in the affected areas or the ceiling.

3. Mold Cleanup

You already identified the sources and causes of molds in your home and done the repairs. Your third step is cleaning up the mold. A professional mold cleaner will do much better cleaning than doing it by yourself.

Many clean up companies deal with mold. It is better to contact one because they guarantee to treat the mold issues if they pop again in the same sport. Mold remediation companies do follow-ups to prevent the mold from growing back. This process takes time, but it is much worthy.

4. Document Mold Treatment Process

Remember that your aim is to sell your home and since buyers will always address the mold issue, it is good to have evidence that you have addressed the problem. It is also required by the law to disclose any mold contamination issue to the potential buyers.

Having documented the mold issues will save you just in case the buyer sues you in court due to the same mold problem.

5. Go Ahead and Sell Your Home

This is the last thing you will do if you feel that you cannot fix the mold issue. All you have to do is to disclose the information to any potential buyer. The disadvantage of this is that you will sell your home at a throwaway price. Instead of selling your home at a lower price, why don’t you just fix the problem and maintain the value of your home?

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