Top 3 Contact Center Customer Satisfaction Metrics


It’s hard to know which contact center agent is making your customers happy by simply peeking through the door as they work. Heck, you might even mistake the guy that’s always holding the phone as the most productive of the bunch. All is not lost though… there are measurable indicators that, when you optimize for […]

Transforming Customer Experience: The Power of CRM in Banking

Key elements of banking CRM

Customer experience is at the heart of success in the banking industry. The right CRM software allows businesses to better manage customer data, track interactions across multiple departments, streamline processes and interact more efficiently with customers – all while staying within budget. In this blog post, we’ll explore what modern CRM technology has to offer […]

Things You Should Know About Website Design Questionnaire

Reasons to Create a Website Design Questionnaire

It is necessary to have a solid and workable plan before you are going to start a certain project. That said, a web design questionnaire is important. This questionnaire is where your plan of activities can be found. You cannot serve the needy client when you do not have a great website design questionnaire. Of […]