How To Make Shipping Your Car Easier

5 Tips To Make Shipping Your Car Easier

Shipping your car to a new location can feel really daunting. There are lots of considerations that you need to think about, and you might be worried about sending your car with a company to travel such a long distance. The cost could also be a factor, and you might not be sure which season you should select for your car shipping needs.

There are many things about car shipping that can seem daunting that are actually not that hard to grapple with. Using these tips and tricks will make your car shipping process much more enjoyable overall. Being prepared for the process makes shipping your car much easier to plan and can make your move to a new location easier in every way. With this, breeze customs can also help you import your car simply with seamless importing solutions and accurately landed costs.

Discover valuable tips to make shipping your car easier, including the benefits of relying on professional auto transport services that offer expertise, convenience, and peace of mind throughout the transportation process.

How To Make Shipping Your Car Easier

1. Have Documents Ready

When you work with a shipping company, you might need to provide information about your vehicle before the shipping company can put your car on the trailer. You will probably need to be able to offer information about your vehicle’s registration, your proof of insurance, and the bill of sale or the proof that you own the vehicle.

These items are often required to be given at the time that the contract is arranged, but you might need to show proof on the day that your car is picked up as well. It is good to have these items on hand before the shipping company has shown up and you are not able to provide them. Preventing delays in pickup and delivery can make the car shipping process much less stressful overall.

2. Don’t Sign the Bill of Lading Until You Have Inspected Your Car

When you take delivery of your vehicle, you will be offered a bill of lading. This is proof that your car was delivered in good condition and that you are happy with the overall experience that you had with your shipping company. When you sign the bill of lading, you are stating that nothing further is required of the shipping company and that they did a thorough job for your needs.

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If you later find damage to your car, you will likely be unable to pursue getting help with repairs of any kind. You will want to be sure that you look at your car carefully before you sign the bill of lading. When the bill of lading is not signed, the shipping company will be required to satisfy your requirements before they can get paid for their work.

3. Remove Personal Items

You should never leave personal items in your vehicle when it is taken by the shipping company to be delivered to your new address. Things like jewelry, cameras, and other items can easily be stolen when your car is with the shipping company, and the insurance that the company has in place will not cover the replacement of these items for you.

Make sure that you go through your car before you hand it off to the shipping company and verify that all of your valuables and personal items are not in the car anymore. This will prevent issues with theft and will also make the job of taking your car to your new home much easier on the shipping company.

4. Make Sure Not to Have a Full Tank

When you are sending your car to a new location with a car shipping company, you could be charged extra because of your full gas tank. This is also a hazard for the shipping company and should be avoided for this reason as well. You should plan to drive your car until you are down to about a quarter tank of gas.

If you cannot make it until your car’s pickup date without getting fuel, just put in enough to get around for a day or so until your car is picked up. Some shipping companies will not even accept your car if the tank is full, so it is better to be safe than sorry with this part of your car shipping plans.

5. Take Care of Pressing Maintenance

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and the shipping company is to take care of maintenance needs that might lead to issues during shipping. Make sure that your car’s battery is not so old that it will refuse to start and take care of things like broken headlights or issues with mirrors and fenders. You will want your car to be safe to drive when you hand it off to someone else, and there is the chance that your car will have to be unloaded and then put back on the trailer during the trip.

If you cannot afford to make repairs like this, you should make sure that the shipping company is aware of the issues that are going on. They might not be able to accept your car without these fixes in place, and you will want to know that before you plan on the company picking up your car.

How To Make Shipping Your Car Easier

Shipping a Car Can be Easy

These tips and tricks will make shipping your car simple and much less of a struggle. The more you are prepared for the day that your car is picked up, the better your experience will be. Make sure that you have done your research and gotten car shipping quotes from lots of companies before you choose one. The more information that you have to work with, the more likely you are to find the right car shipping business to work with.

Shipping your car can be a great way to move it to a new location without any hassle and without putting lots of miles on it while driving there. You can simply get on a plane and head to your new home, and wait for your car to show up! This is the best way to make a long-distance move, and many people swear by this process when you need to relocate a car.

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  1. These tips and tricks will make shipping your car simple and much less of a struggle. The more you are prepared for the day that your car is picked up, the better your experience will be.

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