types of brake system

The Different Types of Brake Systems in a Vehicle

Brakes are among the most integral safety feature of any automobile. So when you are investing in a vehicle, you must be aware of different types of brakes. Having awareness about brakes will help you make a more secure decision and have a peace of mind. Along with choosing the right brake, you need to ensure that it is from a reliable brand like Hart brakes. In this article, we will be discussing important types of brakes in a vehicle that you should be aware of.

1. Drum Brakes

These types of brakes come with brake drum that is attached to the wheels. When the brake pedal is shrivelled, hydraulic pressure pushes the brake shoes up against the drum. This generates friction and results in the vehicle to slow down and then halt.

2. Disc Brakes

These types of brakes encompass of a brake rotor which is connected to the wheel. The hydraulic pressure which is generated through the master cylinder results in the calliper to compress the brake pads on both the sides of the rotor. The friction created between the rotor and pad causes the vehicle to stop.

3. Emergency Brakes

Emergency brakes are also known as parking brakes. These are the secondary brake system that operates individually of the service brakes. There are different types of the emergency brake, but they all somewhat function in the same way. These brakes are powered by cables that apply pressures mechanically to the wheels. These are used to keep the vehicle in position while parked. However, they are also used in situations when stationary brakes fail to work, which explains their name- emergency brakes.

types of brake system

4. Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-local braking systems (ABS) are commonly found in modern vehicles. If the drivers apply stationary brakes all of a sudden, the ABS system protects the wheels from locking up. This ensures that tires do not skid. These types of brakes prove to be especially helpful when driving on wet roads.

Maintenance of Brake System

The brake system is the most important system of any vehicle that contributes to your safety. Slowing down or stopping at the moment notice help drives to avoid accidents. Inadequately working brakes will fail to do their jobs properly, especially in emergency situations.

This is why it is important to get the brake system checked regularly. You should also perform a visual inspection, measures the thickness between pad and shoe, check for wear and tears on the pad, etc. You must check every element of your car’s brake system to ensure that they are all functioning optimally. You might overlook simple issues like brake fluid, but it can get contaminated over time and impact the effectiveness of hydraulics of the brake system. It is recommended that you get your brake system checked by an expert every six months.

Brakes are often taken for granted. Even the slight change in your brake system can impact the overall driving experience. There are different components in this system that together work to make sure that the driver is able to slow down or stop with a press of the pedal. So make sure you choose the right brake system for your vehicle and maintain it properly for optimum performance.

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